22 10 2004

i did this cuz pictsy did, & i can be brave if she can.

why i’m so terrified of political labels, terms, conversations, associations, etc. might be a whole other page of deep analysis for some other day. for now (& probably 4-evah) i’ll just reiterate that i am terrified, & so anybody who’d like to argue w/me about anything i believe of he/she thinks i believe, or he/she thinks is incompatible with something i probably believe based on something else he/she thinks i probably believe… (this is way too complicated already) should be nice to me today & just skip commenting. i took this to learn something. now i’m trying to decide if i’m smarter.




3 responses

22 10 2004

Neat. I’m one intersection to the right of your dot, and I know we must have different opinions. The quiz asked some odd questions to then interpret specific ways. I especially didn’t like the “prayer in schools” one. pout.

22 10 2004

i was a bit nervous to take this quiz, too, and i’m not sure how i feel about the results, but anyhoo i’m a moderate liberal populist. who knew?

26 10 2004

I’m with your friend picsty–a left-leaning populist. Interesting. I usually refer to myself as a left-leaning progressive feminist pinko dyke. Ooops–got carried away there.
The “prayer in schools” one threw me–perhaps I should have read the “more about” link. It said “permit,” rather than prohibit or require. And I’m all for permitting behaviors, but generally speaking when neocons use this wording, they fail to understand the coercive nature of school activities.
Argh. Off to buy a few Halloween decorations–my favorite pagan-dyke holiday! Whee!

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