electric ukuleles, velvet vaginas, & magic scarves

24 10 2004

with all the sand that gets in this world, we should all be motherfuckin’ pearls

down in ithaca yestereve, at juna’s café, where the current display of wall-art is an aggressive bloom of flower-images merged with female genitalia, posters promoting “love your yoni” initiatives, and a few hula-hoop sized fabric vulvas one could, presumably, take down off the wall to crawl through in a performance-art recreation of one’s own creation, academom and i met an edgier antje than the one pdxstraycat and i listened in on a few weeks back in binghamton.

we didn’t get to tear up to the sweet, sad song about her grandmother, or hear about the lost saint by the water’s edge; instead the she regaled us with protest-songs, scathingly poignant critiques of presidential character, race divides, too-tightly-closed church doors, and the real-life knives of poverty, with a little unrequited and/or ill-advised love & an empty gas-tank to tie them all together.

when you come down
i will meet you
out in the burning fields
for another damn spin
on your merry-go-round

you light me like a candle
with sugar in your mouth
you kiss my lips
and you blow me out

we also, of course, got to laugh with her, about her old landlady, the impossibility of keeping an electric ukulele in key, & the looming danger of her 30th birthday.

“this machine fights fascism,” she explained, picking the little wooden frame up, plugging it in, and twisting at one tiny tuning mechanism or another; “well, it tries to anyway. it’s kind of a ridiculous little instrument.”

between sets, as i snagged the above picture of the ridiculous little instrument, i offered antje geeky internet promises to blog about her, explanations of what blogs were, anyway (she asked!), and a demonstration of the amazing properties of my “multi-olive” magic scarf. she was probably bored silly by the former topic, but the latter so captivated her that academom couldn’t help spontaneously gifting her with the chocolate-brown one we’d just bought. “i couldn’t possibly keep your scarf,” she tried protesting several times, “although i really kind of want to!” academom was having none of it. “i feel guilty keeping it anyway,” she insisted. “my mother just sent me one she knitted herself. take it!” so here and here are pictures (one’s sharper, the other cuter–see, t, i told you i’d find a way to share!) of me and antje and our magic scarves.

“…i’m a little scared,” she said about the birthday; “it’s like the end of the roaring 20s and the beginning of the great depression.”
“you can’t be depressed,” i pointed out (there were maybe 12 of us in the room with her & her guitar, and so the whole affair much more conversational than stagey), “you have a magic scarf!”
“that’s right,” she answered, perking up again, with another giggle toward whomever she’d just rather morbidly assured that she quite probably would be writing a song about turning 30. “this portion of the program has been sponsored by the magic scarf!”


  • dandelion
  • streets of soho
  • weary bones
  • hold on
  • o lord help me love you, babe
  • [some cute protest-song featuring the fascism-fighting ukulele]
  • pearls
  • mother
  • sex band-aid

  • long way
  • opium
  • merry-go-round
  • julia
  • land of milk & trash

alternated pleasingly between wistful melancholy, nervous real-world calls-to-reckoning, and cheerful playfulness, acoustic tunes & occasions for electric guitar experimentation, sweet sorrow & the sweeter sugar of our mismatched-labeled chais & flavored lattés. by the end of the evening, we’d both promised her that if she ran out of money she’d have guaranteed crash space wherever we were, & she, in return, promised that the new CD was done & a mere two weeks away from distribution, which i’m so much more than delighted by: i love the one i have, of course, but now have a whole flurry of songs in my head i don’t want to lose & can’t play yet to re-remember! (listen here)




4 responses

24 10 2004

blow me out
your enthusiasm sparked my curiosity.
i grabbed the mp3 clips.
i’m very impressed.
i wish her lyrics were posted to her site.
i think i’ll be buying the CD soon.

24 10 2004

Re: blow me out
glad you liked what you saw/heard! i e-mailed you lyrics to the few i have. she’s… just this darling, tangible, *real* person who happens to have a head full of marvelous poems and a beautiful voice with which to set them soaring…

24 10 2004

After your first post about her, I went to the website and ended up ordering Little Peppermints. I’ve definitely added a new favorite artist to my list and would love to see her perform; but, alas, she doesn’t seem to come down too far south. I have to say “Diana’s Song” is my favorite! Good to know another cd is on its way.
I also wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your “apple” postings. I’ve been inspired to eat more apples, and I was even inspired to go out and buy a spiced apple scented candle. It does not, however, do justice to your delectable descriptions.

25 10 2004

I judge lifelines by Tori. She didn’t write anything she was proud of until she was 28, and she didn’t get to her sexiest until she was 40. 🙂

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