princess pissyface strikes again

26 10 2004

herein, i complain about disgusting pet-ownership trauma. unless this is of particular interest to you, i’d suggest reading something else instead.

after 3 whole years of only sabotaging bathtubs and the occasional sink on days when she’s decided the litter box is her enemy (& there are many days like this), kassala (the cute little cuddle-bunny cat everybody thinks is just *darling* because they don’t have to live with her protest behaviors) has walked into the computer room while i’m in here typing in the dark two early mornings in a row & calmly peed all over the carpet down in the nest of wires and cords just out of my reach–so i can’t see her come in & think about it, & only know it’s happening from the sound. so much for having a mostly clean house with only a bathroom that occasionally smells a little too much like the elephant house at the zoo.

we’ve soaked up the puddles, used pet-rug-cleaner, run the steam-vac, and of course the computer room still smells sharply of cat-pee. i can heap baking soda and/or powdered carpet freshners on the mess for vacuuming, or pour vinegar on it, or both, but none of these tactics were particularly helpful at either making the place smell better or getting her to cut it out when she used to do this at my old apartment–my best solution was to leave her a box of newspaper under the computer desk that she only every once in a while tried to get UNDER in her efforts to stink up the place, but the stinking was still terribly effective. it wasn’t a good solution.

barring getting rid of the cat, because i can’t and won’t, and locking her out of the room, which means locking all of them out of the room and trying to work through constant crying, anybody got any other bright ideas? pdxstraycat would love to skin her & make her into a halloween decoration, i’m sure. especially since she’s doing it on his side of the desk!




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26 10 2004

You could share the pet hehaviourist with Wally πŸ™‚
Do you let her outside ever? I remember her being an inside cat that wanted to go out. Since she’s always had this problem, it might be worth something drastic.

27 10 2004

we actually DO… on the porches, anyway. she has no front claws, & we have a fleas = worms problem in our feline household already, so the way-outdoors isn’t an option for her. but she actually gets more outside than the other cats b/c she’ll stay ON the porch (as long as someone’s out there w/her), whereas they just leap the rail & run into the road.
she’s definitely more of a pain when she’s thwarted. i’m pretty sure what she really wants is to be an only cat. but she’s never BEEN an only cat–i don’t know where she gets these ideas from! she SHOULD be on wally’s short bus!

26 10 2004

my kitties do the stalking-each-other-whiles-using-the-litterbox thing, which leads to much “missing the box – oops!” – so i’ve started using puppy training pads, which are like pantyliners for the floor. i put them down all around the box, then after an accident i just gank the yucky one and the floor is safe. maybe you can try? it won’t help the stealth peeage, but it should help cleanup and stench.

27 10 2004

brilliant! (i’m adding this to my list of strategies RIGHT NOW) ‘course, i like the idea, but it’ll be who has to roll over the puppy pad w/his computer chair!

26 10 2004

Another box for Miss Pissyface?
My Mom has several cats, including Simon, my big gray boy. She says that some cats, especially girl cats, are very particular about their litter box. They either like it to be ultra clean and scooped out, especially if you have multiple cats, or they like to have their very own. Mom ended up having to buy Sally, one of her particularly snooty females, her very own litter box. She tries to scoop it out twice daily. It has helped somewhat. I feel for you. I grew up with a kitty who peed under my bed from time to time.

27 10 2004

Re: Another box for Miss Pissyface?
oh, yeah.
we got her her own box the first time she started these stunts about 5 years ago. she demands fancy litter, too–the cedar logs, for example. and uses it sometimes, as opposed to never, which is an improvement but not a solution.
for the past few years, she’s seemed content w/having her own bathtub, but now that’s lost its appeal too. the twice-a-day scooping might be the next plan to implement, although i can’t imagine even remembering we HAVE a basement that often, let alone going into it to scoop kitty poo!

26 10 2004

The only way I found to deal with it was to keep my door closed all the time. But that’s sad. :/

27 10 2004

yeh. this morning i had computer time w/o her. it IS sad, b/c when she’s not pissing on the floor, she’s all cute warming my lap, & today she had to cry instead & i had a cold lap. ::sniff::

26 10 2004

I concur with the keeping doors closed option. Unfortunately one of Chuck’s two cats reacts to this by simply spraying the door. This has gone on for nearly two years, and I’m at the end of my rope. I just noticed this last week that the paint on the door is curling up, and the door itself has swollen. Is that gross, or what?
My solution was to ask Chuck and his evil cats to move out. My cat has no bad habits, luckily. πŸ™‚

27 10 2004

that’s gross. & you can’t get cat pee OUT of wood. so basically now you need a new DOOR. >:-P

27 10 2004

from madeline!
here’s my sad story: all my three cats are now outside-only cats. since we moved, they’ve been peeing EVERYwhere; I had to kick them out.
I only feel half bad. they, however, are PISSED. the bucket (lidded, of course) of cat food that I put on the back porch for easy-feeding-access was completely upended and unlidded last night, and the cat food was literally SPREAD over every inch of the back stoop.
I guess it could have been a nasty raccoon.
we’re installing a kitty door on the garage and setting them up with a kitty abode in there. I just cannot do the pee anymore.
I feel for ya. 😦 If you want to give us Scathah, I promise to keep HIM inside. πŸ™‚

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