26 10 2004

the fog outside is thick. it’s the kind people call “pea soup,” although it’s not green, nor does it smell of peas and pepper. if anything, it smells like water–not the ocean, not river-dankness or the sour adventure-smell of boats, but like the mist rising from a tap a little too aggressive about aeration. pdxstraycat and i went out walking in it, collecting dampness on our faces, listening to our footsteps muffled instead of echoing, watching the outlined light spill out from porchlamps, streetlamps, headlamps, as if every beacon were a lighthouse, walking past trees whose limbs and remaining leaves made darkburst shadow-stars against the golden air.

the orange-juice is thicker than perhaps it ought to be.

the blur inside my head is thick, with mostly good things i’ve meant to write about but haven’t yet, buzzing insistently against each other, clamouring to be recorded before they expire, egging each other on.

academom says my prose is thick; i don’t suppose beginning with the paragraph up top i’m in any position to argue. but i swear it’s only sometimes, and it’s better than it used to be. god help the poor souls who had to struggle through my master’s thesis. i can hardly read the damn thing myself–and i only finished it a year and a half ago!

the typographical errors in lackey’s brightly burning are thick, too, much to my continual irritation. it’s possible that i’ve just gotten more used to paying close attention, but considering the number of times i read those books… yeah. i’m thinking maybe her new editor is a little thick as well. it’s pretty bad, btw. i’d been encouraged that the downward spiral had been checked, when the ones about skif and alberich were more than halfway decent, but… i suppose this is exactly what i deserve for reading popular adolescent fantasy by a writer way past having to work for her fame in the midst of an academic study of rhetoric, isn’t it?




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27 10 2004

It’s too bad, about lackey that is. and i liked the early ones. ah well it’s like Piers Anthony Xanth thing, churn em out. i stoped readign those at 12. *sigh*

27 10 2004

Have you read any of the Ursula K. LeGuin fantasy fiction? I can’t remember the names off the top of my head, but when I bought them for my niece I thought they looked really cool. They sound similar to Lord of the Rings, only shorter and with a faster pace.
We’ve had cold, thick fog here every morning this week. It couples itself with exhaust from passing cars, and then it takes me several gasps just to get in one good breath. Just thought I’d share.

27 10 2004

leguin is one of my personal demons, actually. i’ve done okay w/a bit of her sci-fi, but it never did much for me–what i really care about is that i can’t READ her fantasy. i’ve tried. other people recommend it and seem to enjoy it, but it always seems to be in foreign languages when i open it. i own a few, & keep coming back to them. eventually, i’m sure, some inner switch will flip, & i’ll “discover” her there where she’s been all along, but it hasn’t happened yet!
fog is cool. although cooler when it’s more rare than every day, i would imagine! πŸ™‚

27 10 2004

Hopefully you’re talking about Alberich, not Jervis?
I didn’t enjoy Brightly Burning all that much because the snake/dragon metaphor wasn’t well incorporated. They started out talking about horse stampedes, and then he’s satisfying an inner dragon? hunh?
On the other hand, Exile’s Honor was quite satisfying.
I read Phoenix and Ashes a few weeks ago, and came to the conclusion that I like The Fire Rose the best of the four. Though my favorite fo the main characters is Maya in Serpent’s Shadow.

27 10 2004

yeah, i knew when i did it last night that i was wrong, but i was too tired to go back & fix it. i’ve been waiting all day for somebody to call me on it! πŸ™‚ fixed now!
exile’s honor was good. like i said–it raised my hopes, maybe prematurely. i agree about the wild application of not-exactly-interchangeable metaphors. i also had a hard time caring much about a kid who’s presented primarily as a lazy whiner who gets picked on for nothing more interesting than being scrawny throughout the first half of the book. i didn’t feel like i had a character to hold on to.
i do not know this phoenix and ashes. would you consider your above reflection a recommendation?

27 10 2004

Exile’s Valor isn’t too bad either, if you are curious, though you know the plot from the explanations in Arrows of the Queen. It has an interesting portrayal of polo/hockey/lacrosse as a sport, too.
Phoenix and Ashes is the fourth installment in Lackey’s Elementals series. The Fire Rose, The Serpent’s Shadow, Gates of Sleep and Phoenix and Ashes. Honestly, I got tired of the Wicked Older Woman theme in all but The Fire Rose. In Serpent’s Shadow, the evil aunt worships Kali. In Gates of Sleep, the Aunt With-An-Obviously-Evil-Name is out to get her for her inheritance. In Phoenix and Ashes the wicked stepmother is out for her inheritance.
If you haven’t read any of them, The Fire Rose is really a nice read. The reasonably self-possessed and self-motivated main character is presented well, without too many impossibilities, and her evolution through the story is built with reason and foundations. The sadism tangent of The Evil Henchman is easily skipped. It is not quite a happily-ever-after-with-a-bow-on-top kind of ending, which is good too.
If you have read the other two, and are looking for a chewing-gum-for-the-brain read, yeah, you should read Phoenix and Ashes. There isn’t a single surprise in it. ::shrug:: It was ok. I finished it to finish the series more than because I expected the same wow that came from Exile’s Honor or the same laugh out of the end of Magic’s Promise.
P.S. Joust and Alta are pretty good too. It’s a dragon series about making friends vs. breaking them like horses. There is a lot of Jane Yolen’s Dragon’s Blood in it, but the rip-offs are used with respect.

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