poetry consolidated (14)

27 10 2004

131. “no roaming charges”
132. reckoning
133. foundations
134. expressive media
135. the philosopher’s stone
136. fall[ing]
137. nature writing
138. one-item wish-list
139. wave diagrams
140. aiming

as always, if you ask, i’ll likely (but not always) answer.




3 responses

28 10 2004

they are Beautiful as always. i Love them.
they feel like a set (not a progression or with an order, but that they belong together by common threads)–are they?

28 10 2004

6 of the 10, yep. good call!
the other 4… well, the one about fall’s almost just entirely about fall, & the other 3 are for 3 different people & their unrelated circumstances. one picks up a thread i showed you last time we hung in arizona for much of any time at all.

28 10 2004

actually, i thought so.
havent been to arizona in too long. Soon.

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