28 10 2004
Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
You’re Dressed As CatWoman
The Rock Star walkinthewilds
The Naughty Nurse whale_girl
The School Girl onetrueparty
The Witch froggygal
The Care Bear julesk
The French Maid missmeridian
The Dominatrix ssartain
The Clown pictsy
The Cowboy mb_1978
The Porn Star cheshirrrecat
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funny… last time i saw cheshirrrecat at a halloween party, i think she was catwoman. so i’m pretty sure she’s got the wardrobe to dress us both appropriately! i think i’ve seen mb_1978 as a cow[girl], too. but pictsy as a clown?!? i guess that might give some folks a new appreciation for the phrase “can’t sleep; clowns will eat me!” ranagar‘s is funnier. best is that in both cases, onetrueparty is a school girl. collectively. i’m imagining the whole cast in uniform…




8 responses

28 10 2004

It has crossed my mind…
The last time you saw me dressed up – I was a cheerleader. Jessica was the cowgirl. 🙂 I DO adore _Urban Cowboy_ though, so I’m quite satisfied.

28 10 2004

Re: It has crossed my mind…
i remember that now! i did know it was jessica, but in the picture in my head y’all were BOTH doing it. guess i was channelling a little of that urban cowboy vibe. at least you know what to wear this year! got plans? we’re doing a party saturday night for department people & whomever else wants to come hang out–wanna drive across a chunk of cny just for a hallowe’en party full of (very friendly) strangers?

28 10 2004

Re: It has crossed my mind…
Thank you for the invitation, sweetheart! We have mystery plans for the weekend. Grant has something planned that is a surprise for me (yay!). So, we’ll be doing our mystery activity on Saturday. I hope you all have a great time, and get a good spooky vibe going. Will you be going as catwoman? 🙂 Couldn’t that be interpreted also as the old lady with a million cats? That would be a fun play on the word AND a fun outfit to put together…

28 10 2004

I promise not to eat anybody, not even chicken people or cow people.

28 10 2004

you didn’t even read that as inappropriate, did you? too busy defending yourself against percieved slights. or traumatized by the idea of being a clown. 🙂

28 10 2004

HAHAHA…. yeah, i probably have the outfits-makings for both of us ;}
and i think youre right–wow–that was awhile ago…!

28 10 2004

Dammit, why am *I* not invited??? ;-P

29 10 2004

mmm, Naughty Nurse 😉

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