2 11 2004

pdxstraycat and i got up at 6 this morning, walked around the corner to the local library in our pjs, and placed our votes on an archaic black metal machine with no instructions, not much but very tiny labeling, and lots and lots of itty-bitty levers. no wonder the old people in florida get confused, really.

we’re proud of ourselves for participating, even if we don’t feel good at all about the prospect of that participation mattering much. “i don’t like this,” he said, as we walked over on the wet, still-mostly-dark sidewalks over all the shiny fallen leaves. “i’m not going to vote FOR anything.” “we have a rallying cry,” i assured him–“we don’t know, we don’t care, but get that cowboy out of there!” he was impressed by the rhyme, if not the sentiment. “but i like cowboys,” he protested. “there’s a time and a place,” i reasoned. “send him back to the wild west & he can have all the COWS he wants.”

there’s probably an inherent danger in that too, but it was early; forgive me if i overlooked something important…




3 responses

2 11 2004

and be glad you’re no longer in nova – i woke up at 5, got to polling place at 6, voted at 715. gah!

2 11 2004

what a Lovely image, truly. even if it didnt feel great, the idea of you two, getting up early and walking together in your pjs to do something that mattered to you both was so Wonderful. in these days of uncertainty and the unknown, its nice to see there are still things that are so Sure.
and im glad you voted.

3 11 2004

i love you
that’s all

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