4 11 2004

country bad.

people sad.

at least the half of the national population i’m not feeling the urge to act like a cat about (“ignore, ignore,” on a nice day; “kick bite hiss scream” every other). lisa found external concordance with my least favorite but most haunting question. most of my department yesterday walked around zombified like somebody had died. it was encouraging simply b/c i’d never seen most of them do anything but pretend to be upbeat about absolutely everything before–it was nice to know that the shell wasn’t infallible. it also had an eerily reminiscent 9/11 feel.

canadians mad

(at us for living so close and being so stupid).

weather appropriate.

canada looking better and better even if it’s full of angry people.

must keep grading student papers, & trying not to take any of my gloomery doomery out on them. some of them tried to start talking election shit at me yesterday, & i shut them up w/o looking up to make sure i wasn’t even sure who’d said what & couldn’t come home w/a vendetta against any particular idiot doubly sinful in both having bad grammar AND supporting the empirial regime. (i think from here on out i’m going to use Star Wars terminology to talk about our government. who’s leading the rebel alliance, anyway? “Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!”)




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4 11 2004

Speaking of Star Wars terminology, we are…
The BBC has a jump on you, but they’re using Lord of the Rings terms. I was listening to the World Service for a bit at work yesterday, and one of the commentators – not giving an opinion piece, mind you – was discussing the potential that Colin Powel will be ousted in the next term because he does not “align with some of the more Orc-ish members of the current Administration.” I laughed aloud, and jumped out of my chair straight to my Russian friend, Leonid, to share how funny/sad the sentiment is from other countries. “Orc-ish!” i friggin LOVE it!

4 11 2004

let’s start memorizing the canadian national anthem, just in case

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