and while we’re protesting

4 11 2004

a pox on the western ideal of individualism and America for embodying it to destructive extremes.

excite’s “quote of the day”:

It is only as a man puts off from himself all
external support, and stands alone, that I see
him to be strong and to prevail.
– — Emerson

a pox on Emerson, and everyone who inspired him to these sentiments, and everyone who believed them thereafter. how can we ever hope to see ourselves as part of a world “community” while community is anathema to such deeply-entrenched values as these?




3 responses

4 11 2004

many many many poxes
we are all part of this complicated messy oozing living breathing organism called the universe
and who knows what it’s part of
i wish to all the ability to feel true awe in the face of the vastness

5 11 2004

Well, sure, you can look at it that way, but try looking at it a different way too. What sort of community would we have if everyone was co-dependent and no one was able to stand on their own and be strong? I’m not going to say I know what Emerson meant, but I don’t think it means everyone should be an individual and alone and do what they want, but that in order to be strong, you need to be able to stand alone and not depend on external support. I would think that if the people in a community are strong, the community itseld would be strong. I will also admit to not putting a ton of thought into this yet but it is certainly interesting to think about… 🙂 Of course, my thoughts on “world community” probably don’t agree with yours, but we shouldn’t really be surprised by this, should we? 🙂 Of course, one of good things about living in this country is having different ideals and being able to live them despite whoever is in office. We just have to fight to be sure that whoever is in power doesn’t do something stupid like try to limit our freedoms too much, but then if that happens, then we vote for someone else next time! Just look at the swings the country has made going from Bush to Clinton and then back to Bush… What scares me most is that a lot of people supposedly voted for Bush for moral reasons (mainly conservative Christian morals no less) and personally I don’t think that is a good reason to pick a President, not in a country that supposedly has a separation of Church and State… but I digress, and I really need to get back to work so I can get done and go on vacation!!!!

10 11 2004

Imo, Emerson and Thoreau are highly overrated.

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