and so it begins

8 11 2004

we have our first overnight lake effect snow advisory of the season tonight. it’s rather late in the fall to be just getting started, from what i can tell from one whole year’s experience here. had flurries on and off all day today, sometimes thick as blowing cherry blossoms, other times meandery little flakes more like summer mosquitos. both kinds were pretty.

i’m going to try really hard this winter to either appreciate the weather or shut up about it. (i’ll probably settle on posting current-weather .gifs instead). wish me luck!




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8 11 2004

“…either appreciate the weather or shut up about it…”
Yeah, right. Sure. How about just seeing as it an excuse to dress your entire body in Magic Scarves?

8 11 2004

best. idea. ever.
whole body dressed in magic scarves, YES!!!
because not only are they quirky and fun, and everybody loves quirky and fun, but they’re so SOFT (& wiggly) they’re like kittens! without claws! or teeth! & i can imagine very little so wonderful as being dressed in (wiggly) kittens.

8 11 2004

and here i was wishing
i’ve actually been wishing that we would see our first snow here. it was 75 yesterday and today it was quite chilly, but we saw 80 degrees twice last week, so it’s been a very mild fall thus far. usually we see a dusting or a heavy flurry in october, but so far, nuttin’. and i realize that i want it to snow. i hate cold, but i love snow. weird.
thus, embrace it, enjoy it, wear your magic scarves, and revel in the beauty of it all. throw a snowball at someone while you’re at it, too!

9 11 2004

Re: and here i was wishing
You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? The grass is always greener thing. Here Tyra and I are trying to fool ourselves into loving the snow, and there you are in the middle of mild weather trying to wish it away! It’s funny – no matter how much you say “the grass is always greener,” it just doesn’t help to make the situation any less than what it is…damn it! 🙂
I AM trying to embrace it though. I’m even getting semi-excited about buying new “stylish” long underwear. Ah the things that make me happy these days…

8 11 2004

I don’t remember you complaining, but I do remember at least 10 beautiful poems about snow, so I’ve been waiting patiently for some of that action!

9 11 2004

that’s just because you were only reading my contributions to for most of the winter and didn’t have me friended to hear all the complaining everyone else was subjected to!
but, um… thanks! ::blushes:: i’ll work on it!

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