word on the streets is they’re knocking on doors

8 11 2004

senioritis posted this link to anniesj in the comment section of my sorryeverybody.com (which apparently has had an interesting run of appearing and disappearing this weekend) post. like she said: make sure you have a cheering antidote handy before you read it. then read it.

and go ahead and hope for me that it’s a hoax or something–because in the world i grew up in, it would always have been a hoax. but her 99 pages worth of respondents seem pretty convinced it isn’t. watch your mouths, kids. if you choose to watch them getting you into deep shit, go right on ahead, but know you’re doing it.




6 responses

8 11 2004

I remember in high school a kid wrote a letter and someone turned him in to the fbi. The secret service came to visit the school and talk to him and everyone else. This was happening when we were growing up, you just didn’t know anyone this happened to.

8 11 2004

i was probably still out in the backyard blithely creating homes for my brother’s ewok action figures in the trees when that was going on. all kinds of rumors went around my high school, because we thought we & our supercomputer were REALLY IMPORTANT to the WHOLE WORLD, but none of them were ever true. is it okay if i prefer the woods & the plastic ewoks? please? >sigh<

8 11 2004

not a hoax hon…she’s friends with my real-life friends crystal and dom.
scary, huh?

10 11 2004

::quakes in boots::
(wait… i’m not wearing any boots!)

8 11 2004

Well, you have to realize with this particular story, somebody called the secret service on her. They would be very, very remiss in their duties if they did not follow up on phone tips. The MIBs were allegedly quite nice during the whole process. I would be quite surprised if the person who called the MIBs did not subsequently get a very stern talking to.

10 11 2004

hah. what does this say about my mental age? i’m sure there’s something in piaget that insists this is an appropriate 4-year-old obsessed-with-justice (usually spelled f.a.i.r. as in “that’s not!”) response: this is the most comforting thing to me that anybody has said yet on the subject, either here or in the comments in .
not because they were nice when they came ’round–i read that part too, and was pleased that they weren’t mean & all, but i have lots of experience with “nice” behavior that’s still intimidating and overpowering and terrible–but because of the implication that somebody’s gonna thump the tattletale. oh, i hope so. because it’s not FAIR to turn in the nice people for saying things they didn’t really mean! or to get away with tattling! or wasting the MIBs’ valuable time! and spending my tax dollars on ridiculousness!
& as liberal as i want to be, when things get this out of whack, it’s nice to think that at least at some level of the order there’s enough order that somebody’s still exercising judgment & saying “you know, that was really stupid.” as long as there are people left in the business who can tell the difference, it’s not as bad as sometimes it looks from here.

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