15 (um…) things

12 11 2004

this is like “where’s waldo” for grown-ups. except, well, you’re waldo!

The “rules” . . .
A: Choose 15 people from your friends list at random.
B: Write something about/to each of them.
C: Don’t tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they beg!

seems everybody who plays this game posts at least one disclaimer to go along with it. mine’s “i’m bad at math.”
1. your laughter has kept me warm for almost as many years as you were old the first time i heard it, and every time you move even farther away, i remember again how glad i am that we’ve always been really good with telephones.
2. i think it’s hysterical that you think i’m all grown-up & wise just because i’m a year or two ahead of you in what i’m doing–and i think you’re all poised and together and brilliant & can’t figure out why you keep asking me.
3. if you stopped hitting yourself with that stick long enough for your world to actually stop starring and spinning, you’d notice that it’s an incredibly beautiful place.
4. people regularly tell me that you and i have an abusive relationship, and i’m on the wrong end of it. the really sick part is that i’ve historically been more pleased than disturbed by that observation.
5. you’re the other party in my favorite “how we met” story, and i find myself telling it surprisingly often.
6. when people ask me why i’m with you (which of course they do with curiosity in mind & never even the slightest crumb of skepticism), i have so many great answers it’s sometimes hard to choose between them.
7. when people ask me why i’m not with you (which they do more often than you’d ever imagine), i don’t have an answer.
8. i am so glad i found you again. sounds cliched; it’s true anyway.
9. i don’t get nearly enough opportunities to tell you how much i love you, and the chances i do get are usually overrun by crazy people, antic shenanigans, and enough of a dramatic flair that it would be hard for strangers to tell that i meant it, but i mean it.
10. i’ve got the talk down, but the walk? i’m still too much of a coward, with my mincing steps, to be your dance-partner like i’d like to be.
11. AAAARGH! what are you doing on my friends-list! get back in your own paradigm! back, back!
12. i’m afraid that i’ve given you the impression that i’m indifferent towards you, when in fact i think you’re completely amazing; i just don’t always know what to say.
13. i have always been in awe of how up-front you are about your opinions–about people, politics, traffic, whatever; you always say things & i think “damn straight!” but i’m too timid to have said them myself.
14. be nice to her. dammitt.
15. i don’t know what you’re talking about in probably 45% of our conversations, but for the sunshine of your smile i’ll listen all day anyway!
16. you’ve disappeared again. i’m not surprised; i’m sorry, though. i wasn’t really trying to be the one to hold you here. maybe i should have been.
17. every time you thank me for being a perfectly normal, polite human being in response to something amazing you’ve done or said, i want to strangle you a little. or at least thoroughly ruffle up your hair & give you a stinging noogie in the process. you’re inspirational. get the fuck over it.

well, & i talk to most of you too much for this to be as tricky as it probably is for those quieter folks out there… it feels as obvious to as if i’d posted name-tags (and not just on that one)!




7 responses

12 11 2004

I have to repeat the too many for me actually to be there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

12 11 2004

“i can neither confirm or deny the presence or absence of truth or falsehood in this or any other statement.”

12 11 2004

Re: lol

12 11 2004

why this is fun
I don’t think I’m in here at all, but the great thing about this is that I can take some of them as advice for myself. that’s the cool thing about not knowing who’s attached to any one of them (‘cept that one, maybe two). it’s like a song that hits home but is by no means written for you personally:) also, I get to read how you feel about the people in your life, and that tells me something about YOU:) yay! what fun! I wish I had enough people in my friend’s list to play.
PS: i’m so glad that your mood has come from despair into elation:)

12 11 2004

Re: why this is fun
i think you just nailed exactly what i think is cool about it. nice. ๐Ÿ™‚
(do you hear clay when i say “nice”? i do, in my head–i know i got it from him–but i don’t know what it sounds like when other people hear/read it.)
but you can bend the rules, too, silly! do 15 people you wish were on your friends’ list! the people who are there still won’t know if they’re on it or not, even if they suspect…
& it’s fun suspecting.
although it also drives me just a little crazy when i read other peoples’, b/c i want to know EVERYTHING! ๐Ÿ™‚
p.s. thanks! more like giddy with denial, really, but, hey, any occasion will do!

12 11 2004

Re: why this is fun
i do believe I WILL do it that way! you are so smart! I didn’t get “nice” or “sweet” from Clay, but I do use both those words in the same way, and I read them in that way, so you’re good. our similar words usage is part of what made us friends:) that and music and a parallel academic life (for a time) and the same hangouts (for a time) and mutual friends and the laughing-at-nothing-and-everything thing and BEER, mmmm…. beer…. etc, etc ๐Ÿ™‚

14 11 2004

You mean if we waz palz you’da written something about me and I’d havta guess how much you liked me by the tone of the comment I guessed was mine alone?
Jk, I like that meme actually. Your comments were a lot more creative than most I’ve seen. And it’s a great way to say nice things about people without sounding all mooshy. Perfect for men I’d think:)

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