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17 11 2004

hey. you guys. comp/rhet/english/writing/teacher-people.

i’ve been thinking a lot about this blog business–both what it’s good for, and what it’s weird about, and what i’d like it to be better for. and one of the things i’ve been thinking about is creating a separate space for me to be “good” and write more about school and scholarly ideas/concerns/issues/etc. west_wind is really good about doing it as part of the posting she already does. susanmarie and i do it sometimes. message_2love and i have talked about the potential to do more of it, for the dual purpose of those of us IN the stuff to keep talking and those of us not currently in the stuff to stay in the game, as it were.

and while i really like the idea of it all being here collectively in the same space, because i’m really into the idea of all my interests/concerns/corners-of-self being mutually illuminating, i also know that there are things i think and worry and wonder about that i don’t post, because i know that a great percentage of my friends-list REALLY doesn’t care, won’t get it, won’t want to read or scroll through it… and this is too important a social space for me to want to alienate people like that.

so what i’m thinking as a compromise between making a new space and rambling academically in this one is creating an lj community for us (& whomever else we might collect along the way) to post specifically teacherly/studently reflections & queries & stuff in. if we all friend it, we’ll be able to read all the entries, but the other people on our lists who aren’t interested won’t have to sift through it.

feedback, please?

b/c i’m not setting it up if nobody wants to do it, but if you do, i’d be more than glad to get it rolling!




5 responses

17 11 2004

Where do I sign up?
I’m in for your idea 100%. I have all these thoughts all the time and I like to write about them when I can’t hold them in any longer. And it’s not to say that anyone has to answer all the questions or even respond to everything, but sometimes I just like to put my ideas out there (1) because writing about it helps me think about it –hence my journal title ‘Reflections,’– and (2) it’s really useful/productive/fruitful to get other people’s perspectives on these issues and (3) this can be a good space for me to get used to my ideas, to hear myself saying these things before I say them in class, to use the big words that other people use that secretly I’m afraid of saying in class because I might sound stupid. I suspect that it’s a rite of passage, that we have to go through the experience of trying these words on (and all the ideas that come with them) even if we’re not necessarily using them in the way that they really mean, because eventually, if we discuss them and think about them enough, at some point we will start to really get what they mean and start to use them in productive ways. And, tyratae, you always help me see a million different angles I could never have seen on my own. I think my biggest fear is the idea that I am not cut out for this because I have such a hard time widening my field of vision to see the many other angles that are out there. But then I remind myself of how much more I see today than I did one or two years ago and I think I’ll be okay.
So the long answer to your question is yes, I would like very much to start up a community for discussing these ideas. Thank you for suggesting it.

17 11 2004

Re: Where do I sign up?
go to to read my welcome message. then go to “user info” & hit “click here” to join! 🙂
i’m such a dork. i figured 2 votes was plenty. 🙂

17 11 2004

Definitely! I tried to find communities like that on lj and orkut, to no avail. (Although the PhD folks on orkut were lots of fun.)

17 11 2004

go to to read my welcome message. then go to “user info” & hit “click here” to join!
(that’s what i just told teggin above. there’s actually one other comp/rhet lj community i found, but it only has like 3 people in it, & only one of them seems to ever post, & i didn’t know what he/she was talking about in the most recent entry, so… i figured we’d start our own & maybe someday get together!)

18 11 2004

I’m in!
You already know this, but I want to make it official. I think it’s a great idea, and I think it will keep us all on our little composition toes.

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