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23 11 2004

building up to thanksgiving as a concept that i’m awfully fond of, despite the degree to which i’m thoroughly creeped out by little cardboard smiling pilgrims & pocahontases in storewindows, i suggest a non-colonizing thanksgiving-type meme: only reversing that whole don’t-tell-who-you’re-talking-about thing.

pick a handful of people (how big your hands are i’ll leave up to you to demonstrate), name names, & say exactly why they’re awesome RIGHT NOW. (this isn’t to imply that they aren’t also often awesome for lots of other reasons–but time/space specifically…)

keith and eva are awesome b/c they came all the way from blacksburg and brought gossip & news from back home w/them & loved on our cats & came out for dinner w/us at the dinosaur and didn’t even mock me for drinking pink wine at the bar.
cindrax is awesome b/c he agreed on almost no notice to pick pdxstraycat and me up from the airport on wednesday to get us to my mommy’s house.
(Edit: and bluemeg is awesome b/c she’s lending us her chauffeur for the occasion.)
pdxstraycat is awesome b/c he shirpa-ed a very yummy lunch to me today so that i could read a book & pass it on down the hall instead of going with him.
senioritis is awesome b/c she spent an hour on the phone w/me last night trying to help me make sense of the web (it’s very, very colorful) of my varied academic interests–there ARE patterns, i swear–AND she still wants to work w/me & head my diss.
cheshirrrecat is awesome b/c she never stops trying her ASS off.
vanessa is awesome b/c she volunteered her house for a little socializing tomorrow evening before people scatter to leave town.
pdxstraycat‘s dad is awesome b/c he bought us LOTS of wine to socialize with when they were here last-last weekend.
chris is awesome b/c she drove EWM & jeremiah and me all the way to & around (& around, & around, & around) philadelphia this weekend.
jeremiah is awesome b/c he makes me laugh almost every day.
derek (EWM) is awesome b/c he’s the most calming passenger-side downtown-traffic-navigator in the world.
message_2love is awesome for being righteously pissed off.
my mom is awesome b/c she’s putting us up and feeding us and entertaining us and loving us AND sharing all that w/a couple of complete strangers from georgia for turkey-day weekend.
sarahsmiles and faerieariel and donnickcottage are awesome b/c they encourage and facilitate and celebrate and question and challenge my non-academic writing.
metalmonkey is awesome b/c he lives out loud.
l_stboy is awesome b/c he just keeps newly appreciating the simple things i see & say.
sarah is just plain awesome. she never reads this, though, so she’ll probably never know.
seth and helen are awesome b/c they shared their YUMMY salmon dinner with us last night AND they’re taking us to the airport wednesday morning.
hillary is awesome b/c she’s gonna let me hold her brand-new baby.
cris is awesome b/c she’s smart and smart-assed-ish enough to say “you’re gender-stereotyping us” when i hand her a salmon-colored crayon for an in-class activity after handing a blue one to andrew.
andrew is awesome b/c he came to class.
my grandmother is awesome b/c she called just to say hi & tell my answering machine about the weather.
burny_md is awesome b/c he doesn’t get offended when i call him names for playing mean tricks on me.
digitalpenny is awesome b/c she has this crazy idea that i’m smart and together & when i talk to her i actually believe it for a few minutes at a time.
kelly is awesome b/c she shares her books with me.
anne is awesome b/c she brings snacks to meetings.
paul is awesome b/c he’s paul. and also b/c he forgives me for setting goals with deadlines implied in them & then missing them entirely.
mb_1978 is awesome b/c she said the MOST complimentary thing about me EVER in the entire world.
jules_11 is awesome b/c she’s not gonna let it get her down.
missmeridian is awesome b/c of that icon.
rumhann is awesome b/c he finally wrote some of it down.
aaric is awesome b/c he laughed when i told him he was getting some competition for occupation of his token-spot in my life.
grace is awesome b/c she’s writing a paper about how archaic definitions of the word “family” lead to archaic notions about the singular propriety of 2-person opposite-sex marriages and the legitimacy of gay adoption & other nonstandard ways of making families–cuz it’s time we caught up w/the times.

share the love.




8 responses

22 11 2004

no problem for use of my chauffeur (i mean just schedule it with me! πŸ™‚

23 11 2004

yay! i’m on the list now!! πŸ™‚

24 11 2004

“righteously pissed off” – I love it! thanks;)

27 11 2004

I think you’re awesome because you keep showing up when I least expect it and make me smile for some silly reason that I’ve yet to explain beyond the fact that you’re so thoughtful and talented, a rare combination I’ve come to find out. Just sharing what I’ve got lass, it’s a lovely card you’ve printed here I thought you deserved at least mine for your efforts.

29 11 2004

::curtsies appreciatively, & blushes just a little::
hope you had a lovely holiday!

29 11 2004

See? There’s a reason right there to think you’re awesome. You’ve class enough to curtsy, even if it is an imaginary movement it’s poetry. Mine was grand lass, surely yours was as well.

29 11 2004

You *know* there have been nicer things said about you – I know I’ve heard nicer things about you when you weren’t around. πŸ™‚

29 11 2004

Re: Awwww…shucks
nicer than “talking to you is like talking to paul”? impossible.

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