29 11 2004

i’m in love with noah brennan halili.

he’s the warmest littlest bundle of sweet floppy snug babyskin & big serious eyes & kicky little thumper-feet ever. my arms were a little sore for two days after i spent two hours just carrying his mostly-sleeping negligible-except-i’m-not-used-to-it weight around.

& right now he’s totally beating out not only all the grown boys in my life but my only nephew, who BIT me the other day. i like babies better w/o teeth–and i’ve never had to put one near my NIPPLES, either. i’m imagining if he were mine he’d be weaned by now, for the simple mathematic reason of one hard bite = zero tender skin for toothy little fellas. wonder which instinct would win out in real life. i don’t wonder when i’ll next be putting a finger near that little face, though!




3 responses

30 11 2004

You’re adorable
You TOTALLY have baby-itis! YAY!:) You are so cute:)

30 11 2004

Sucker, not!
I have been totally converted by my sister’s kids. They are great, especially when they smile and laugh.

1 12 2004

Speaking of competition…at Thanksgiving dinner I got to watch my 5 year old neice, Katelin, compete with 2 year old nephew, Joseph, as to who could sing more songs (and thus win all of the attention). As I sat there trying not to laugh, because watching the two of them trying to sing over and around each other is hilarious, I just felt warm and comforted, slightly scared because of everything I know they have before them, but mostly so content. I know I’m biased, but if there are more cherubic children on the face of this planet, I would like to see them.

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