too much technology

3 12 2004

as per burny_md‘s request, the cool campus camera [was once] behind (no it’s not). since that was the coolest thing i ever put on MY page and i had to take it down, i’m a little pouty, though. i might need that whole cookie after all.

[so t]here’s campus (thanks to EWM for the link). if all this loads is a frozen screen, it’s campus at 6:30-something through a foggy screen while snow falls. it was a clear screen last night–i don’t know if a new temperature has confused it or it’s going to be useless all winter long. it’s anybody’s guess, really. just b/c we think we’ve got one of the best journalism/broadcasting schools on the PLANET here doesn’t mean we can work a camera reliably. (there are four on campus, btw; this is the only one that currently works)

if it IS running (if it’s not, there’s a link to the live feed on my “user info” page), you’ll see me coming down the straight sidewalk right-to-left across the screen at about 9:30 to disappear into a building you can’t see, and then come back out and cross back over at 10:35 or so. it’s a performance i’ve been repeating every monday, wednesday, and friday all semester, getting from my 1st class in the hall of languages (doesn’t that just sound overbearingly pretentious?) to my 2nd in the carnegie library (come to think of it, so does that!) & then going back to my windowless office in the basement of HBC, the flat, square, brickish hall only ever called by its initials, because it shares all of its actual names w/other campus buildings & confuses people terribly either way.

oh, & the pretty rotunda-looking one (it’s an architectural term; i’m not comparing anything to any other particular buildings at any virginia institutions) is the hendrick’s chapel, where our friends seth & helen were married this summer; in ITS basement is People’s Place, the source of the best, cheapest, friendliest coffee on campus, served up by the coolest kids w/the best music collection (they should pay me to advertise).

we have 4 more days of this this semester, & then there are exam schedules & holidays & craziness of all kinds. i’ll be doing it again next semester, at a slighly different angle, coming from HBC to bowne (the hall the camera’s actually mounted on) & going back again, at right about the same time. come spring, when it’s warm, (if the machine’s still working), you might even see me without a hat & be able to tell it’s me.

if i know you’re there, i’ll wave. šŸ™‚




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3 12 2004

Waves v. cartwheels
We’ll need distinctive waves, T, bc I flap my arm at the camera every time I pass by, too. Of course, at the point in the semester, I’ll be the one doing cartwheels. Four more days…four more days…-DM@EWM

3 12 2004

Alarm Set and I’ll be watching the walking performance. I give extra points for sasheying(sic). I might even through some extra bonus points for a quick moonwalk.

3 12 2004

aw, dang, i just got this–i didn’t know to sashay or moon walk! (i don’t even know if i CAN moonwalk. maybe you’ll come by and teach me next weekend?) shall i try again monday? the 9:30 walk or the 10:30 one? šŸ™‚

3 12 2004

Let’s hit the 9:30 am walk.
Perhaps you could carry one of those *big* flags and run back and forth across the screen?

3 12 2004

i totally thought it was a virginia institution, and was all confused. heh.

4 12 2004

yeah, the scary similarities don’t stop there. i was going to put the text to “cool campus camera” above (where tim made me hide the pic) in school colors, until i thought about that for all of two seconds and realized that school colors would do MORE to reinforce that scary impression.
yes, syracuse is all proud of themselves in royal blue and orange. i have serious qualms about graduating from this place and having to buy/keep these robes to wear at future graduations at other institutions. if i get to go back home, to anywhere in the state or its immediate surroundings, i’ll be lumped in visually w/ALL the wrong crowds! (well, okay, and thelma. šŸ™‚ )

3 12 2004

Pretty cool. I’m somewhat familiar with that brand of camera, and yeah, its just generally flaky, no matter what the temperature. šŸ˜‰
Also, could you please put the image behind a lj-cut, its playing havoc on my friends page, and I keep having to restart my web browser. šŸ˜‰

4 12 2004

ok, i did. BUT. i have to make some sort of dig about technological prowess when my now-outdated tired little computer w/her wonky little browsers can deal w/the image just fine, & what i’m sure is your shmancy dancy fancy one can’t handle it. ‘course, neither can the shiny new imacs at work… but they don’t crash the page, just the picture, so they’re better copers, i guess.
still: i’m too dorky for your technology. šŸ˜›

4 12 2004

Thank you šŸ™‚ I think its something with the Mac browser, which is what I’m using. It would just never actually finish loading the page. It did come up a couple times, But if it didn’t, nothing else worked. šŸ˜¦
And I will personally make you a pizza sized cookie if you come down and visit. šŸ˜‰
*puppy eyes* love you O:-)

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