overdue introduction

8 12 2004

this is jeremiah. he probably wouldn’t appreciate me posting this, which is why it’s friends-locked; that way, he won’t know. it helps if you say his name in your best beavis & butthead voice. this is his skeptical face, which i see an awful lot of, when i’m not seeing the gleeful one accompanying the exchange below, which took place in our charmingly dingy mailroom, where i found orange envelopes of forms i didn’t want to see in my box, & his remained inexplicably empty. (if you remember eddie murphy’s [i stand corrected] ice-cream sketch–“i got some iiiiiiiiiice-cream, and you ain’t goooooooot none”–you’ll hear the cadence of his commentary better. did i mention he’s am improv comedian?)

tyra: what are these? i don’t want these. does everybody else have these?
jeremiah: i don’t have aneeeeee.
tyra: why not? why do i have these?
jeremiah: because you’re a looooser.
tyra: shut up. i so don’t have time for more evaluations.
jeremiah: a redheaded looooser.
tyra: what are you–look who’s talking!
jeremiah: i’m more of a strawb’ry bloooond
tyra: fine. we’ll call you that. that’ll be your name from now on: “strawberry.”
jeremiah: i’m sweet and taaaaasty.
tyra: you’re…
jeremiah: i drive tyra craaaaazy.

he does, in fact, drive me crazy, but it’s so damn nice to have a little crazy to be driven around here that isn’t morose or padded-cell inducing. he also makes me think, challenges the things about this place & the field that i take for granted, imposes his limits firmly w/o putting up w/too much of my shit, wanders into my office with problem-student-stories and earnest philosophical/pedagogical concerns about the role of the evolving thesis, makes jokes out of things that would never have occurred to me, brings VERY TASTY DOUGHNUTS to class, and makes me laugh almost every single day.




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8 12 2004


8 12 2004

You need more people that drive you crazy! I can’t do ALL the driving! 😉
Oh, and his face looks familiar…maybe like your brother…or someone else I know.

9 12 2004

at the very least, his sarcastic face is very like my brother’s sarcastic face. jeremiah’s like my brother with more inquisitiveness than outright rebellion, and more comedian & less rock star. & a little more uncertainty–he hesitates, & thinks things through before he does them. brek’s always willing to change his approach to something later, but he’s always no-holds-barred about however he goes into it the first time.
this weird psychoanalytical moment brought to you by an early lack of tea or coffee?

9 12 2004

Silly Red
It wasn’t Bill Cosby, it was Eddie Murphy. P-Lease!!
oh and by the way, unless he’s gay, he’s hitting on you. 😛

9 12 2004

Re: Silly Red
damn, really? i always think that’s on the same record as the chocolate-cake-for-breakfast sketch that i KNOW is cosby. i shall make appropriate changes immediately!
& he is not. troublemaker.

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