radio sound bytes

14 12 2004

alice cooper deejaying, explaining nicknames, puzzles briefly at bono vox, then goes on & on about the edge’s sharp features, sharp wit, and tendency to “observe everything from the edge.” “that’s so pretentious i can’t believe they ever said that,” he summarizes. “he’s probably pulling a pillow over his head right now, saying ‘alice, don’t SAY that.'”




One response

15 12 2004

i love this! it reminds me: a DJ on the Sirius “Alt_Nation” channel was talking about some new band that has a song called “Existentialism on Prom Night” and I was waiting for him to say how cheesy that is coming from some sucky new “alternative” band of 20-year old junior-college types singing about prom night, but he instead explained that it’s over his head because anyone who uses “extentialism” in a song title must be smart. but i say (and i did, aloud, to my radio in my car), unless it’s, like, Coldplay or Radiohead, it’s probably just *trying* to sound smart but really not. and i doubt they’d sing about prom night anyways. sheesh.
i love the Alice Cooper soundbite. he’s so on. and he’s cool enough to call out U2 on the radio, too! 🙂
and where on earth do you hear Alice Cooper deejaying?!

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