15 12 2004

crows fall with the snow
their cries the only rhythm
this spirit can dance




4 responses

16 12 2004

Caw Caw!
It’s funny that you write about crows. I’ve been hearing them lately too, and like you, they stir me a bit, remind me of something, but I can’t put my finger on what.
Are you buried in snow, or have you already flown the coop for down south? 🙂

17 12 2004

Re: Caw Caw!
still here, still buried, & still have lots of work to do–we’re supposed to be leaving at the crack of wednesday’s dawn, but there are SO many obstacles between here & there. MUST GRADE PAPERS! <–that's shouting at me, not you. 🙂 off to do it, then!

6 04 2005

Great Haiku. Birds are mystical creatures to me.
My favorite h. of my own is
Children’s dormant sled
fluorescent pink screams “Ride Me!”
Darn, no whee!s today:(
Keep woikin!

29 04 2005

simply Beautiful. mont would love it, too.

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