michelle’s music meme

16 12 2004

this is exactly how much brainpower i have left in me today.
i promise not to cheat & deliberately pick cool esoteric stuff i expect no one to know.

1) Shuffle your biggest playlist, or if you’ve got too much music to put the bulk of it on one playlist regularly, toss it all together and shuffle that. Take the first twenty-five.
2) Quote a lyric from each song (preferably one without the song title in it).
3) Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (And no cheating.)
4) When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the name of the song next to it.

Memento, homo, quad cinis es
Et in cenerem reverentis

2)six underground–sneaker pimps (cheshirrrecat)
Don’t think ‘cos I understand,
I care, don’t think ‘cos I’m talking we’re friends

I got lost in some job
and the warm LA smog drove me away

You rise like a wave in the ocean
and you fall gently back to the sea

5) Let it Be–Beatles cover by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel (mb_1978)
And when the night is cloudy,
there is still a light
that shines on me

6) Everywhere I Go –Amy Grant (wahyagar)
In the morining light you hold me
Closer than the air around me
You surround me

7) Who wants to live forever? –Queen (vtbiochemgoddes)
What is this thing that builds our dreams
yet slips away from us

8) More–Sisters of Mercy (cheshirrrecat)
So hot, so cold
so far, so out of control
hard to come by
and harder to hold

only way out is through
way past you
first you get to human levels
run right through your bullshit petals

10) Far–Grey Eye Glances (cheshirrrecat)
I saw the end
shuffle gently into view
and then turn back again

she was ready
for the lonely
she was in it for
it only

12) Sugar–Tori Amos (cheshirrrecat)
Cold war with little boys
Get in with a bubble gum trade

13) Video Killed the Radio Star–Buggles (l_stboy)
And now we meet in an abandoned studio.
We hear the playback and it seems so long ago

14) One–u2 cover by REM (mb_1978)
You gave me nothing,
Now it’s all I got

15) One–u2 live recording (mb_1978)
too late
to drag the past out into the light

16) Silence–Sarah McLachlan (ovrclokd)
you are silent
you are breathing
in this white wave
I am free

Take me as your prisoner, baby
lock me up, don’t let me out

18) Prayer of Saint Francis–Sarah McLachlan (cheshirrrecat)
For it is in giving that we receive-
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned

I could step off the end of this pier,
but I’ve got shit to do and an appointment on Tuesday

20) Into the Night–Julee Cruise (ovrclokd)
Shadows fall
Shadows fall so blue.
I cry out
I cry out for you.

21) 32 Flavors–Ani Defranco (vtkatt)
and god help you if you are a pheonix
and you dare to rise up from the ash

a dash of truth
spread thinly
Like a flag
On a pop star

23) Siren–Tori Amos (ovrclokd)
and you know you’re
gonna lie to you
in your own way

24) Little Plastic Castle–Ani Defranco (candle)
Quick someone call the girl police
And file a report

25) Like a Suicide –Chris Cornell/Soundgarden (wahyagar)
Heard it from another room
Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep

(& no, 14 & 15 aren’t me being stupid. one’s a cover. they really came out like that on the randomizer. for that matter, so was 5.)
from vtbiochemgoddes

no, i don’t have time for this sort of thing. if i’m not at work, i should be sleeping. i think i’ll take that advice, actually.




16 responses

16 12 2004

7) Queen- Who Wants to Live Forever
Well, that’s all i got… 😛

17 12 2004

No 5) “Let it Be”
No 14) and 15) U2 “One” ??

17 12 2004

21) 32 flavors–depending on your version, it could be Ani Difranco, Alana Davis…I’m not sure who esle has done this song.

17 12 2004

a few 🙂
2) six underground – sneaker pimps
8) more – sisters of mercy
10) grey eye glances (i dont remember the name of the song dammit!)
12) sugar – tori
18) is technically the prayer of st. francis, but im not sure who’s singing it

17 12 2004

Re: a few 🙂
and you went to the concert; i was the one who had to stay home!!!
kudos for knowing the prayer by itself, though, eh? 🙂 10’s a hard one to remember, btw; they don’t give you much to hold onto in the way of naming things. ::applause for you::

17 12 2004

i havent heard her sing that–i bet its beautiful. its one of my favorite writings.
mmmmm…..kudos….. :}

17 12 2004

13 Buggles- video killed the radio star 🙂

17 12 2004

p.s. Queensryche? You rock.

17 12 2004

you better believe it, baby.

17 12 2004

16 is sarah mac – silence
20 is julee cruise – into the night (nice one!)
23 is tori – siren

17 12 2004

nice one
indeed! i didn’t expect anyone to get that–very well done!

17 12 2004

Re: nice one
bought the tape after i heard her on twin peaks. listened to it constantly in college. probably even still have it in a box somewhere… 🙂

17 12 2004

soundgarden – Like Suicide
From Superunknown

17 12 2004

6. Amy Grant: Everywhere I go
Yes I know, not what you would expect me to know 😛

17 12 2004

or what you’d expect me to listen to. it’s an old entry on the list. and probably an old factoid, for that matter. 🙂 that’s another one i didn’t expect anybody to get, though; bonus points for you!

19 12 2004

And more Ani
24 – Little Plastic Castles
Mmm…. rubber shorts….
You’re the only one I know who knows about the 1978 Bush and Gabriel duets. Though their duet of Another Day by Roy Harper is much better.

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