19 12 2004

when someone says something perfect and beautiful and resonant, do you close your eyes to keep the sound inside?




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19 12 2004

yea, you’re in trouble now, i found you in LJ! i applaud you for not growing up completely =P

19 12 2004

*i’m* in trouble? you just outed yourself, missy; i gave you the option to know where i was & not be found! growing up completely my ass. not even a little bit.
your icon is terribly amusing, btw, since the font on your name is 10 times bigger than you actually write! is your middle name REALLY louise? so you get that alliteration thing going on twice? no wonder you’re a little crazy.

19 12 2004

Be kind about my name; my mother thought i’d need a stage name and ACTUALLY named me Laurie-Lou. The Sollecito-Sabin was just ’cause she wouldn’t take someone else’s name and wanted to make sure i knew who my ‘rents were. Originally it really was supposed to be Lauren Louise (Lauren ’cause it means something about a crown and Louise for my Gram, who is a Louise, and the mother was Patricia Louise)but what was supposed to be a nickname ended up on my birth certificate. Everything OTHER than that (passport, custody papers, school papers, medical records) does say Lauren…too confusing.
does your head hurt yet? o, and Anth does my icons randomly; you shoulda seen the picture after we got in a blue dye fight!

19 12 2004

::makes mental note not to pick on laurie’s name, or tell her what my mother calls ME::
might “something about a crown” have to do with crowns of laurel? just wondering. you’re right, i knew already you were in a family of louises. that would have been a silly question, if it hadn’t had such an interesting answer!
let me add that to my list of Ways Laurie Is Too Much Like Me: uses more than one name in “official” circles and so confuses all manner of personnel with discrepant documentation!
tell him i’d love to see the picture of the blue dye fight.

19 12 2004

I close my eyes to allow it to resonate fully, to seep to the ends of my extremities, to close out some of the visual noise that prevents me from noticing such beautiful words more often…

19 12 2004

Oddly enough, I couldn’t keep my eyes open if I wanted to.

20 12 2004


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