icelocked but wielding a hammer!

20 12 2004

last 2 days here:
today: and -9 degrees. today’s high: 9 without the minus. & i have to go campus to turn grades in & the po to mail a package! ::shivers::

i e-mailed a bunch of dc-area people at o-dark-thirty this morning inquiring as to new year’s plans & asking whether or not i should be planning on hosting a gathering at my lovely mommy’s house. if you didn’t get a note to that effect, it’s b/c i lost your address; feel free to yay or nay the idea here as well as through any other forum.

the 12 mushy pages are now 14. b2w!




5 responses

20 12 2004

I’m in for whatever!
hey there! My whole plan for New Year’s Even is to see you, Ty, and Julie. Where that is or what we’re up to is not a concern:)

20 12 2004

On my trip back home yesterday, we had a layover in Detroit. It was a lovely toasty 2 degrees, with 20 mph wind, probably sending the windchill down to -15 or so. Went from that to when we landed in phx, it was 68. The entire plane cheared when the catian announced the tempature we were heading into. πŸ˜‰
As for New Years, unfortunately, I won’t be making it. Not that I got a note anyway! *pout*

21 12 2004

-9, huh? That’s nothin! Try -14 with the wind chill factor, and I live right next to a friggin lake (it’s starting to freeze…that’s kinda cool – the ocean doesn’t freeze, so it’s cool to see a really big body of water freeze – I’m looking forward to ice fishing)…I am so afraid to go outside it’s not even funny, and this is the beginning of winter! What the hell am I gonna do in January and Feb? sigh…Wisconsin

23 12 2004

You simply must watch yourself some “Grumpy Old Men” over the holidays! πŸ™‚

28 12 2004

music grin
Interesting.. I was listening to just that song today, -Paul

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