just in case there was any doubt

28 12 2004

l_stboy ROCKS.

when he & i went to scotland, in 1996, & rented a car w/a tape player, & burned out very quickly on the 2 bbc stations that came in along the rural routes we traveled, we bought a double-cassette tape called pride ii–the very best of scotland (i looked for a picture online to link for most of an hour & couldn’t find one; i’m sure he’ll show me up by posting one in a reply), & played it over & over & over as the soundtrack to our adventures.

i made a shitty mix-tape copy of some of it when i got home, but didn’t have room for the whole thing. like most of my homemade cassettes, it’s warped & wobbly now–i know this for a fact, because i tried to play it on a drive across the countryside just a few months back.

last night at dinner, when he ducked out early to go on a mad quest across three counties to entertain a girl (what better reason for such shenanigans is there, really?), he sent back with messenger walkinthewilds a pretty-wrapped present for me with a smushed green bow, which of course i then had to open in a spotlight (the table was just set that way, i swear. i had to eat my salad in the spotlight too!). he found the cds. (the album’s out of print, of course.) merry, merry christmas to me!




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