i ♥ geek toys!

11 01 2005

totally cool: downloading skype & getting to talk to vileone in shanghai last night (well, for me it was last night–for him it’ll happen mid-day today (tuesday)) for an hour or so TOTALLY FREE. he was describing traffic patterns and skyline shapes outside his window, & we were trawling the net for band sites for music we were thinking of that we ought to share w/one another, and it was one of those fantastic meandery conversations you used to have with your friends in jr. high when phone calls didn’t cost anything because a) they were always local, and b) you weren’t paying the bills anyway.

skype is the bomb. maybe tonight (he just logged in, because presumably it’s o-ridiculous wednesday morning now, and apparently it’s not easy to sleep on the 44th floor of the shanghai marriott, but i’m resisting calling just because i can & thinking the man should get some sleep. or maybe talk to his charming wife a little) we’ll snag vilejynx in a conference call and just max ourselves out on technological glee. yippee!

i felt like a total nerd in my little headset trying to figure out where the mic went for like the 1st three minutes. he adjusted something to fix the delay we were having (i learned something new last night: talking takes longer when one is routed through tokyo), and then i forgot it was nerdy and odd, b/c it was a fantastic connection–he says it’s clear enough that he can understand ian on it, which just amazes me. ever tried talking to little kids on cell phones? their ideosyncratic pronunciations turn into absolute mush over that connection, & they can’t quite figure out what to focus on to hear you… but this is crystal clear. muttering, whispering, whatever.

and did i mention the free part? to/from shanghai? or anywhere else, for that matter. got fast connection, got free telephony. unbelievable. get yours here.

(while i’m ♥ing things, i should add that i also ♥ coffee. mmmmm, coffee. you don’t understand–i’ve been being good while sick & not partaking of the drug-foods (okay, okay, there was that little incident out at becky’s with denise’s mudslides), and i’ve been just still sick forever, & i’m still snuffle-headed & a little woozy, but i’ve officially decided that the little is little enough. so this is my first cup of coffee since we got back to syracuse a week ago today! mmmmm, coffee.)




5 responses

11 01 2005

“Feel like” nothing! You are a total nerd. And I should know.
And stop it with that “heart” shit. It’s annoying. And speaking of annoying

13 01 2005

is ♥ better? ::blink, blink::

11 01 2005

A LOT of people seem to be getting sick around this time. It rather strikes me as odd, mostly because of the weeks-long 60-70 degree weather here in the burg…

11 01 2005

gee, where might the discrepancy be here? oh, YEAH, i’m not IN the ‘burg!!!
::wist, wist::

11 01 2005

lol, i’m merely saying that people are getting sick everywhere, regardless of temperature or location 😛

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