be like donald

14 01 2005

me_not_you has the most fantastic idea.

he says: “This weekend has been specifically earmarked for cuddling, lots of cuddling.”

i’m off to earmark my own upcoming weekend in similar fashion, if i can get cooperation for this plan (since it’s a little tricky to implement on one’s own). i suggest others do the same!




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14 01 2005

you remind me of the babe!
what babe?
the babe with the power!
what power?
the power of voodoo!
who do?
you do!
do what?
you remind me of the babe!
ohhh, now i’m going to have to dig that out of the depths of the cd rack…

14 01 2005

that’s my girl!
He he. 🙂 is so cute. I will definitely earmark some time this weekend for cuddling with her!

14 01 2005

Self cuddling
I *do* think self-cuddling is highly underrated. It would involve lots of blankets, kitties, hot tea or cocoa, and a trashy novel. A fireplace would be divine, if available.

14 01 2005

Re: Self cuddling
My plan, exactly! In fact, I was most definitely cuddling (and wriggling and wrapping-up-in and stretching and nuzzling and sighing) with all my blankets and pillows in my big, fluffy bed this morning, and I had absolutely no desire to be sharing all of that with anyone! It’s virtually impossible to get as tangled up in my down comforter as I like when someone else is trying to share it;)

14 01 2005

Re: Self cuddling
There is much arguing in the morning about which of us gets a few moments of alone time in the warm snuggly bed…

14 01 2005

i could definitely be down with that.
is that bad for my image? ;}

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