cute, furry mammals, x2

19 01 2005

there are few gentle pleasures so rewarding (and so conducive to staying sitting still when there are other things to do) as having a lonely cat crawl into your arms, go noodle-limp, and purr loudly enough to wake the neighbors.  i take back what i said about the sugar gliders.  well. the part about the cats, anyway. the “eeeeeeeee!” part i still stand behind.   more eeeeeeeee here.

& that’s all the good stuff.  it’s pre-7am, still pitch dark, in or below the single-digits out there, & i’ve got school to get to.   my convenience technologies have been in an all-out rebellion of late–if anybody’s got any printer-mojo to spare or ideas for how to appease the gadgetry, i’d be much obliged.




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19 01 2005


19 01 2005

Up and at ’em
You know what I find amazing? The fact that, at 6:49 this morning you were able to already be up and coherent enough to write something, whereas I was laying in my warm bed dreading the moment when I would have to get out of it and get dressed for school (I say “boo” to teaching at 8:50 MWF…BOO!).

19 01 2005

What the’?!
That is the most ridiculous creature I have ever seen! LOL! Is that a bat or a rodent? or a squirell? or a what the hell is that?! But SO cute:) “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….!” I concur:)

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