the opposite of “africa-hot”

19 01 2005

by the time we concluded our walk home in the verycold this afternoon, the coffee in my thermally insulated travel mug had achieved a soft-freeze.  you know, the kind dairy queen raves about its blizzard sundaes holding–wherein the frozen substance yields to the disturbance of a spoon but would bend a 7-11 spoon-straw suitable only for slurpee-scooping, and when you turn the cup upside down, doesn’t move.

i was going to link to the cam again this morning, to show you the dense fog that was really fine snow powder blowing steadily sideways, but as it continued to do that throughout the day, i realized that there really wouldn’t be anything in the image to SEE.  the sun set a few moments ago, and we’re at 19Ā°–tomorrow’s “morning high” that’s expected to be more like 10 by afternoon & -3 by midnight or so. 

i just keep thinking–and i’m floored all over again every time–people live here on PURPOSE.  for their whole lives.  for generations.  hell, there’s an entire COUNTRY north of here.  (now would not be a good time to remind me that i was only a few months ago threatening to move there.  i obviously wasn’t thinking of winter when i made that threat.  the british isles over that mad plan ANYday!)

but, ah, isn’t wireless connectivity awesome?  me & my laptop, cuddled as close to the fire as we can get without melting plastic or burning ridiculously sensitive skin.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  snap, crackle, pop!  i have more than enough work to do to keep me busy all evening, but at least i can be warm while i do it!




5 responses

20 01 2005

Oh, you have a fire! (sigh) Wish I could be snuggling there with you and that loudly purring kitty. šŸ™‚
Got my first wind burn on my face yesterday! Ah – isn’t the northeast grand? As you said, it’s hard for me to believe that people live here just because. The summer and fall up here was beautiful, but this? Perhaps this explains how hard edged folks have been up here – they’re still a little frozen from the winters maybe…

20 01 2005

*warm huggies*
/me goes outside and blows in your general direction sending warm weather your way! šŸ˜‰
The fire sounds nice though. šŸ™‚

20 01 2005

okay so have we achieved little men in blue robes bursting into popcicles yet?

20 01 2005

And don’t forget that senioritas’ other half says these winters are far less frigid than 100 years ago, when -30 was a norm. I’m quite dubious.

20 01 2005

*sends you warm, snug thoughts and Love*

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