fragments of thought, as discrete & also blurred as snowflakes, but fewer of them.

22 01 2005

15 or so more things:

1) message_2love is incredibly awesome, & (not because) she bought me the coolest shirt ever in the entire world, but anyone who wasn’t here to see it in person (i wore it to school on the first day of classes, to meet my sternest prof & also a whole crop of students!), will just have to wait ’til i get pictures posted.

2) i’m trying to figure out how to take pictures of frost. because we have frost. beautiful, fantastical, feathery, fractal-art frost on our windows. trapped between the panes. because it’s THAT cold in there.

3) jeremiah is an incurable romantic. (just thought i’d rat him out there.) a handful of us called a 2-installments-of-pizza movie night last night, & pdxstraycat & i had to indoctrinate cordell, who’s older than both of us, in the breakfast club, which he’d never seen & didn’t get (something’s seriously wrong w/that boy) & jeremiah in the name of the rose, because he hadn’t seen that, & we decided that, devoted sean connery impersonator that he is, such an oversight was inexcusable. those things are related, but enough ratting. i decline to explain. instead, i’ll point out that that movie really is a rogue episode of CSI set in 12th century italy. i was kidding the first time i made that comment, but that’s because i’d forgotten how connery’s character has a smug, clever, scientific answer for everything just like grissom, & yet is still sweet and sensitive about it too. when he wants to be. heh.

4) like pdxstraycat, i’m working on an academic blog (mine’s doing double duty as a teaching journal), & i’ll get around to posting that link eventually (this is turning into a laundry list of things i’m GOING to think about, isn’t it?); i’m going to try to get it off my prof’s server space an into some w/my own name on it before i go making links everywhere, though. oh, yeah, & maybe have more than one day worth of things to say.

5) there is no rule number five.

6) so, also like pdxstraycat, i’ve been having lots of arguments lately w/moveable type. what a colossal pain in my ass. i swear this stuff was invented to be intuitive only to some small race of howler monkeys. the only things that you can do with handy, easy-to-find little “push here” buttons are the things that will break stuff if you push the buttons. little, simple things like maybe their default font is butt-ugly & their color scheme is worse you have to change the code to affect. i’ve become a master at changing the colors of things. i’ve also been thwarted–the page has a white background. nowhere on any of the templates is anything still WHITE, and yet there’s the background. can’t change it if i can’t find it, can i?

7) i made my first poem of the new year today! (i’m so proud) 7 1/2?) i’m also in the process of checking out some new music, prompted by faerieariel. since it’s new, there’s probably a good chance at least some of it is emo, and then when i make fun of emo-kids, i’ll have to be making fun of myself. if it is emo, definitely blame faerieariel.

8) eight, eight, i forgot what eight is for

9) there’s a blizzard going on here. no, really. it’s been snowing thickly and sometimes in an intensely sideways manner for the last 12 hours, and it’s not even thinking about stopping. it looks like something different every time i look out the window. right now? glitter, suspended in water, pouring down a waterfall that happens to be at a 45° angle to the ground for no discernable reason. it’s also clumped in tall, tiny towers on the narrow branches of our locust tree, & looks like a piece of string might if you buried in in flour taut & then slowly lifted it out, so that the flour balanced on there, sliding off in a few places & making little flat-topped mountains in between.

10) pdxstraycat is a bit of a poo-head. he opened his valentines present early. he says i can wrap it up & he’ll open it again. i hear trees moaning in protest of the paper-wastage, so i’m looking for another solution.

11) i got to talk to a friend of mine yesterday with whom i haven’t spoken in over a year, and we had a really deep-digging little aim chat, and it was really fruitful for all sorts of thought-larvae wriggling around in my head. she asks the best questions. (i’ve verified this opinion & so justify the superlative.) the really sharp ones that i never ask, because i’m afraid to offend people. only instead of being offended when it’s done to me, i’m delighted to be challenged, and to have my ideas & answers matter to somebody… which i’m sure has a lesson in it about being bolder myself. i want to know everything about everybody, but i also want them to still like me when they’re done telling. & i think that wanting is one of our most striking differences. i say people can just go to hell if they don’t like who i am, but in practice i’m always trying to bridge everything. my friend is made of sterner stuff, and when people don’t do their parts, or don’t like hers, she walks away.

12) i made squash soup today. butternut squash. & roasted garlic. puréed with our nice new stick-blender. it makes snarly noises like a little tiny vaccuum cleaner, which i’m not so keen about, but it also makes very tasty squash soup. & we toasted the seeds for crunchy bits instead of needing crackers for our soup, & it was all so very yummy that even though there are only two of us and it began as quite a large squash, the squash ends this story as an empty soup-pot and an orange smudge on the spoon.

13) i know, i know, there is no spoon. (“blog,) james blog(“) has spoken.

14) for the past week or so, i’ve been seeing things flutter around on the edge of my vision. just now, it was glitter sparkling in the corner of the room where nothing’s glittery. it’s been things outside of doorframes, moving trees, animals where there aren’t any… either i’m developing an odd and unprovoked sensitivity to seeing into faerie, or i need to have my eyes checked. i’ll take faerie any day.

15) the mortor mordor link is down. this makes me very sad. especially because i was trying to show it to cordell and jeremiah, but also because it makes me laugh, and i need more of that, not less, damnitt! if anybody finds a new hosting site from which it works, let me know?

16) pdxstraycat and i and jeremiah also watched the last unicorn the other night. my new dvd. produced by some familytime entertainment group. there’s a scene where lir is walking up the dark castle stairs trying to rhyme “loss” in his awful (sorry, lir) poem, & says to himself “…the bitterness of… cross, moss, boss…damn!” the familytime entertainment group (whoever they’re calling themselves; i’m too lazy to go downstairs to check) edited out the “damn.” because i’m a purist, and because that’s just stupid, i’m offended. i’m more perplexed, though. the old man falls from his tower and dies. the witch is EATEN by a 3-breasted harpie with VERY clearly discernable nipples on her three pendulous (she flies, they swing) boobies, & we have to save our children from hearing a bad poet mutter a non-directed curse?

17) inigo montoya’s name isn’t spelled “indigo,” although i’ve always thought it was. i lost a $100 bet on this mis-remembered piece of trivia. fortunately, the winner’s going to let me pay him off one nickel at a time.
i didn’t bother to actually count, in no particular order.

if you turned several thousand very tiny faeries loose in my yard with very tiny flash-cameras, and told them to have a good time taking pictures of each other (maybe they’re all on their way to the Very Tiny Faerie Prom?), what you’d see would look a lot like the snowy glitterfest in the streetlight outside my window right now. this night needs lots of blankets.




10 responses

23 01 2005

does #5 REALLY count? ;-P
I love your description of your backyard. 😉 And the part about “Very Tiny Faerie Prom” puts a smile on my face. 😀

23 01 2005

A lovely description of the weather I’m watching out my window as well. Is January typically the messiest month? Or do we have two more to look forward to?? Your squash soup has inspired me to pull out the New England Clam Chowda. Stay cozy!

23 01 2005

in my impressively broad experience of having spent exactly one winter here, yes, january’s the messiest. if snow is what you mean by messy (the icy rainy “wintery mix” crap from december’s pretty messy too!). february, last year, was obscenely cold. -17 cold. but it snowed hardly at all. instead, it alternated between cruelly bright & flat-grey gloomy, & stayed too cold for january’s snow to melt until halfway through march.
the leaves started coming back by the end of april…

23 01 2005

there’s a song in my piano minor text called “Elfin Dance” that would aurally illustrate your yard i think — it’s Grieg tho, so it’s quite impressionistic…i thought of you when i played it, cause you seem to be quite the elf/faerie (but not fairy!) fanatic =P

23 01 2005

i can be plenty fairy too, thank you. never underestimate the versatility of poets, pixies, or rhetoricians. 🙂
so when are you going to play this song for me? over coffee? do you get to take your piano to your new home?

23 01 2005

My own private fireworks show…
Your hypohondriacal friend wants to talk about number 14 for a moment. Maybe it’s one of the following that happens to me: I see blue flashes way off to the left whenever my neck is out of alignment, in college I used to see vertical white strings in doorways whenever I smoked pot, I see wavy lines and small shadowy figures in the corners of my vision when I have PMS, and I see tons of those little black floaters (I swat them like gnats) whenever I’ve been overdoing the booze. So if any of those things are going on with you, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if anything is flashing, go to the optician…retinal detachment is not a good thing!

24 01 2005

You should read The Princess Bride, if you ever get to read fiction again. There are lots of extra jokes, and extra danger, and spellings of everything. 🙂

24 01 2005

i did, but in 9th grade or so & not since.
i should again, you’re right. 🙂
i should have LAST year, and i’d have been saved a hundred dollars worth of nickels.

24 01 2005

I want pictures!
1) in no particular order, I’m still honored to be mentioned in #1 and, indeed, at all:) You are the coolest for wearing it on the first day of school!!!!!
2) if you have a digital camera, just take pictures on all possible settings, keeping track of which settings go with which picture, untill it comes out. this could be very useful when trying to waste time though the outcome will be worth it, i’m sure!
5) i feel like this is a familiar reference, but I can’t place it
7) will you be posting your poem? 🙂
8) EVERYTHINg EVERYTHING EVERYTHING! yay! now I have that stuck in my head, and I thank you:)
9) you create the most amazing imagery using the most unlikely metaphors that make perfect sense in the end, and I love it!
14) ME TOO! it’s friggin wierd and creepy at times, too. i think i see people or animals out of the corner of my eye, and i’ll turn to focus on it, and it’s either nothing or like a clump of branches or something like that. i don’t know what’s going on! I like the faerie idea, and i’ll go with that, too:)
16) i’m offended, too, damnit

24 01 2005

Re: I want pictures!
i always post my poems. search for “sarenity” under users/communities. 😉

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