25 01 2005

quote of the day:

In order to discover new lands, one must be willing to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. — Anonymous

i’m on that like a ninja today too.

it was snowing, and it was going to snow–wallace stevens

chaos reigns. no, really. you have no idea. but a non-sequiturial thanks goes out to mzxgiant for reminding me of when i used to perform sparkly stunts of synchronized swimming in the stuff. i can do this, these next twelve hours. somehow.

(p.s. rumhann, wtf?)




5 responses

25 01 2005

This one is perfect for me today too. I might even have to print this one out and paste it into my planner.
p.s. you can do it!

25 01 2005

You mean I’m *not* drowning just because I can’t see the beach right now?

25 01 2005

thats one of my favorite quotes. my mom gave me card a long time ago with it on it.
*imagines you performing synchornized and sparkly stunts in the snow and smiles happily*

26 01 2005

*ears perk*
*lifts head from computer (work,internship,clients) / overdue final essay / new classes / et cetera*
oh, me . . .too fuckedin the head right now
-or- did I actually DO something I missed?

29 01 2005

Re: *ears perk*
::pets critter:: & lets it get back to work…

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