now i feel awful.

30 01 2005

i just discovered (okay, it takes me a while; i’ve just been letting it do its little thing.  now i know better what a & l meant about playing with theirs) that if you click on your mouse when your pointer is hovering over your esheep like a hand, the hand shoves the esheep off of whatever he’s standing on.

shoves him.

and then he falls.

poor esheep!  i didn’t mean it!  i didn’t know!

(those sick little bastards have probably been shoving their sheep for days.  mkay, & don’t take that out of context.)




3 responses

31 01 2005

you can also pick up your esheep and drop them. from great screen heights. this is fun. 🙂

2 02 2005

sheep shoving……
put them up against a cliff and they push back harder……..hee hee hee. now that I know I can bat sheep around and drop them from great heights I shall download this program. Does it have a dragon mode where a large fire breathing winged lizard comes down and starts devouring said tasty morsels?

2 02 2005

Re: sheep shoving……
not that i know of, but it does have a flaming sheep who launches himself across the screen to dive into a waiting bathtub for fleece-extinguishing. 🙂

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