31 01 2005

quote of the day (do rhetoricians & philosophers actually intend to be funny?) from kelly’s a theory of personality: the psychology of personal constructs:

But there are times when a person hesitates to experiment because he dreads the outcome. He may fear that the conclusion of the experiment will place him in an ambiguous position where he will no longer be able to predict and control. He does not want to be caught with his constructs down. (14)

me, i’m thinking if constructs are anything like pants (& come on, people, we can make this metaphor truly fantastic), “down” isn’t always the worst place for them!




4 responses

1 02 2005

Be careful, the last time I let my constructs down, I got an ugly rash all over my humility!

1 02 2005

I once woke up after a wild party with my constructs on my head.

1 02 2005

[ot]hop on over here and check it out…

1 02 2005

Call TNT
I have often asked myself this question as I laugh aloud while reading the most unlikely-to-be-funny things. “Am I *supposed* to laugh at this, or am I just insane?!” Funny is way funnier in a conflicting context. IMO, trying or not, rhetoricians and philosophers are funny as sh*t – but I do find exceedingly nerdy things rather funny:) And I do indeed like cutie pies best after I get their contructs down;) lol!
(omg, I am going to make jokes and laugh about this all day, and no one is going to know what the f’ I’m talking about! ha ha! yay! ::claps with glee::)

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