“maybe i’m already home”

10 02 2005

pictsy‘s places-you’ve-lived meme:

(if we’re counting by getting mail? but more than once? & not just by places where our stuff was kept during our stint w/our parents as captive children & then “real” domiciles after we actually TOOK the stuff with us… as if many of us have actually taken ALL of our stuff…)

arlington, TX
springfield, VA
burke, VA (x… however many times i moved back “home”)
blacksburg, VA (x2)
harrisonburg, VA
clarksville, TN
radford, VA
chantilly, VA
woodbridge, VA
syracuse, NY




2 responses

10 02 2005

Yeah, I look at my list of “lived at” vs. “stayed at” and kind of pout. I like the world map better — places I’ve been is way more interesting.

11 02 2005

Yeah I STILL get junk mail for you at my place, and I don’t think that you’ve even spent a night there! Can I charge you rent? I need to buy a new dryer.

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