shanks hall moment (okay, & a little pritchard while i’m at it)

12 02 2005

for lisa & teggin & jules:

my friend abbie was nice enough to create & post a little video of this for the stealing; our beloved but un-google-search-able michael frase was silly & random & darling enough to guarantee it would make us laugh.

i’m a little teacup, short and stout,
here’s my handle, here’s…
shit, i’m a sugarbowl!

every once in a while i’ll hear him, completely off-topic to whatever i’m supposed to be paying attention to, say “i got your tender buttons right here.”

oh, & while i’m on the subject of mikes who make me laugh & then wander off somewhere hard to find, here’s a long-distance “shoehorn” for phillips.




4 responses

12 02 2005

whatever happened to that boy? what always reminds me of him is when i hear “she talks to angels” by the black crows on the radio. we would often sit in our offices or wherever and start quoting lines from that song. we’d often make up theme songs on our ways to teach, too. the theme from shaft was his, i believe. too bad he disappeared….

13 02 2005

Double laugh!
Thanks a lot!

13 02 2005

That song also reminds me of McClinch. Boy do I miss him!
I had a Shanks Hall moment the other day. On Thursday and I did some work together and then on Friday as I was grading by myself I had this sudden moment of yearning for two years ago when we would all sit around together for what seemed like all day every day. Boy do I miss those days!
It didn’t matter what we were doing; we were doing it together.

14 02 2005

Re: ha!
exactly–i love your last sentence. no longer do i run down the hall to see what someone else is doing/writing/thinking, even though i’m still in academia and even IN shanks! there’s something about grad school, though, that bonds you, the good with the bad. even with all that went down between everyone, i’ll always remember that first year of grad school as one of the best years of my life.

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