string of broken hearts

20 02 2005

not even my own, this time around.  i’m just thinking about the people i love, all the people who’ve been just a little broken along the way, who are walking as strong as they can just a little bit cracked… one of them e-mailed me tonight to tell me the minute-long message i left on his cell last week made his valentine’s day, & i’d already almost forgotten i’d done it.  it’s the littlest, tiniest things.  i’ve left my work mostly undone today to weave instead, cyberthreads, e-mails in from & off to & aim-connections made with people i haven’t talked to in far too long whether i have anything to say or not, just to be there, just to close, metaphorically when the real thing can’t be done, that gap between your fingertips and someone else’s where if you’re an energy-worker the almost-visible sparks leap to make the circuits that keep us alive.  they’re broken, yeah.  we’re all broken.  but so long as we’re still weavers, we can keep us all together on the strings.  raise a glass, a spoon, an empty mug with room to fill with tea & share a cuppa for the ones you’ve gathered lately, the ones you have in reach, the ones you can still throw strings across the chasms to, & the ones you think have fallen away.  sometimes we find out after we’ve almost turned away that they’re still there after all.




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21 02 2005

I feel this too
I often think about the people who have come into my life very briefly and managed to change me forever. I think about people who might feel the same way about me. Sometimes I get in touch a long time after the last time, and it’s just as it always was, and we share the same “me toos” and talk about how we’ve altered each other’s lives but didn’t know the other felt that too. and then we part again, maybe for years or weeks or months, or only hours or forever. and it’s always all ok:) I feel like there are people circling the globe out there who have part of me along with them. I feel like I take part of all of the people who’ve been in my life and are in my life with me as I go as well. It’s both comforting and sad to know that there are people scattered all over the place who are part of me. but it makes me feel a little stretched, too. who was it who said I should get married just so I can throw a party and get all of my friends in the same room just once? was it tyratae and jules_11? it’s not a bad idea;)

21 02 2005

Re: I feel this too
I concur! and tyra, i will say, that after my heart was pretty broken yesterday, you were the only one i talked to, and even though i never even went into specifics, it made me feel better just knowing that you were there and listening. thanks 🙂

21 02 2005

Re: I feel this too
Oh, Julie! I was wondering about you, since I hadn’t seen you post in a while. I hope today is better than yesterday. I’m always here if you need someone to listen or rant to. Hang in there.

21 02 2005

What a great metaphor! In order to stay in touch, in order to keep up with the lives of our distant friends it DOES take work, but pleasant work that leads to something beautiful in the end – just like making a blanket or some other lovely fabric.
I think there’s something wonderful about being able to get in touch with people who you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time without resentment, without guilt – and just re-connect. It’s a beautiful thing, it is!

21 02 2005

What a beautiful post.
For you 🙂

24 02 2005

It’s an enormous thing to know that you’re cared about so much that someone would deliberately spend even a minute of their day to make you smile. There are only so many minutes available, and 6 billion people to gobble them up.
That you know about the little things makes you one of the coolest, one of the angels, the gift givers. Aint many of us lass, you’ve the blessing.

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