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22 02 2005

this is for metalmonkey, for whom the only e-mail i currently have is bouncing at me.

this doctor (the yet-unqualified dr. moi–and i’ll never be qualified in that… well… i have been known to insist that comics are rhetorical) says: a revitalized interest in comic books is a perfectly healthy & reasonable post-adolescent preoccupation, especially for quiet types with world-saving inclinations buried not quite so deep as they might suspect.

yes, i wrote the poem. i do that. “& everybody else already knows”

why is it that the older i get, and the more surly & beautiful young men i meet who tell me that being called “cute” (& stay out of this, bex; you’re your own category entirely) makes their fingers curl in entirely unappealing ways, the more often i hear the word falling from my lips? please, god don’t let me turn into my mother with the hundred beanie babies & other too-cute fluffy things, all named & propped up around the room.

i have to leap to her defense as soon as i slander my mother, every time, although i’m not sure this will sound like a defense to anyone but me: it isn’t just fuzzy things. she also names cars, statuary, & stalks of bamboo. really, i think my mother just enjoys naming things. she swears she’s not ready for grandchildren, but sometimes she calls to tell me what she’d name them.

like weasels, batman is inherently funny. witness (okay, maybe it’s just me, but batman has always made things funnier to me!):

me (in two separate threats): i could kick [whomever was being a butt in each instance].
jt the younger: one kick to rule them all!
jt the elder: or drop a bag of wolverines on him.
me: oooh! i’ll drop many wolverines!
me: wet, angry, HUNGRY wolverines! with splinters in their feet to make them extra angry.
jt the elder: yeah, and nagging, Fran Drescher voices
jt the younger: some day when I’m criminally insane some detective (batman?) will be like “I can’t figure this guy out, but he likes the number 27”
me: i’m totally telling batman the crazy 27 guy is you. >sigh< i have to go read boring theory before bed.
jt the younger: hahaha. have fun!
me: the day theory’s fun, kid, is the day i’ll need batman to drag my ass out of here! 🙂

for lunch we’ll split a book and a banana pie

who thinks i’m up for getting showered, dressed, out of here, & all the way to marshall street in the cold & sifting snow to get to starbucks before class? i think digitalpenny needs a cup of something fluffy.




2 responses

22 02 2005

I think I use the word “cute” in a more general sense, kind of like “cool but silly.” Like, Pirates of the Caribbean is a cute movie, and “Welcome to the Jungle” is a cute song.

23 02 2005

smart, since movies & songs are less likely to give you death looks for the appelation.
wait. welcome to the jungle!?!?! cute!?! you’re destroying all my childish illusions of having been surly & badass at fourteen. not to mention totally bashing ‘s cultural role model. axl’s so gonna kick your ass.

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