3 03 2005

1) it is rude to say “cheese-eating surrender-monkey.”

2) anyway, piaget is swiss, not french.

3) it is rude to call people thieves and interlopers who are unaware that they have theived and interloped.

4) it is rude to stage mutinous events that won’t solve anything.

5) i may not put my textbooks into the fireplace while there’s a fire there.

6) the circus is not accepting applications for surly rhetoricians.

7) pizza is not a vegetable.

8) minions should not have “bitch” tattooed across their foreheads.

9) no number of requests will persuade the cats to vacuum.

10) i am not responsible for everybody.




9 responses

3 03 2005

you win. you totally win. can i apply these to my life, just for fun?

3 03 2005

Thanks for the laugh!

3 03 2005

it is rude to call people thieves and interlopers who are unaware that they have theived and interloped
Um, how else will they find out?

3 03 2005

well… it’s about subjectivity, in this case, i suppose; they’re only thieves & interlopers when defined as such by brats like me who feel like something’s stolen.
otherwise, if it were more measurable (no such thing as actual objectivity, but… you know. if there were apples in my bag that someone had pulled right out) i’d agree.
maybe not everybody needs to know?

3 03 2005

“surly rhetoricians”
LOVE it! i like you even if you’re surly!
sounds like you’re getting your priorities straight;)

3 03 2005

1) that depends on who you’re adressing. i wouldn’t find that name rude at all.
2)i’ll agree with that; i’ve never encountered that word.
3) once you remind a person of their transgressions feel free to call them what you wish, barring deadly consequences.
4) it’s only rude to those who fall victim to mutiny, and maybe they have it coming.
5) You may put your textbooks wherever you want regardless of what may already be occupying that space – as long as you’ll never need them again =P
6) Try another circus, and throw in a headstand or be surly from a very high place.
7) depending on what you leave off, pizza could be constructed almost entirely of vegetables – just don’t eat the crust!
8) minions for bitches should have just that tatooed across their foreheads.
9) i could think of a very elaborate scheme involving treats and fun things to chase and a very small vaccuum, but i think that would defeat the purpose of asking the cats to do it in the first place =P
10) *applause* that’s good to keep in mind!

3 03 2005

he’s a sociologist/psychologist/something (his later categorizers have disagreed) famous for child development. not a word. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 03 2005

hmm. i like number 10. remember that. ๐Ÿ™‚
ooh and number 5) addendum – Unless i am really cold. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 03 2005

no, sorry. you ARE responsible for everyone. I just looked it up.

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