7 03 2005

as evidence that i am not, in fact, about to completely self-destruct, i offer my appreciation for the pleasure-rific vegan curry soup from people’s place.

this soup is the best.

this is the most wonderful, tasty, spicy, rich, veggie-licious soup in the whole, entire world. i have not traveled the entire world, no, & therefore am completely not qualified to make such a judgment, but a) bite me & my qualifications for all kinds of things anyway, and b) if i were travelling the world, i would be missing out on the greatness that is this soup RIGHT NOW, and i’d be so sorry.

this soup, in its delicious spicy curry base with lots of little floating leaf-bits, has potatoes with skins in it, and broccoli, and cauliflower, and carrots, and onions, and celery, and diced green pepper, and flakes of red pepper, and perfectly-sized little cubes of firm tofu, & bits of garlic, and tiny crumbs of what might be barley, and it might not cure a single ill, but damn is it making me happy right now.




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7 03 2005

And here I am eating campbells slightly metallic version of Italian wedding soup.
Did you know that Italian wedding soup has nothing to do with nuptials? Apparently the word that was mistranslated as “wedding” was describing how fabulously the ingredients went together in the soup….There’s your frivolous factoid for the day!

7 03 2005

Damn…that soup does sound good…Perhaps that’s why my stomach has started to growl…nope, that’s just the normal hunger pangs from poverty rearing their ugly head. sigh…well, chow down for me!

7 03 2005

May I volunteer to bit you and your qualifications all over the whole world?

9 03 2005

Yeah, so I definitely ordered soup at dinner last night b/c of your post. I just wanted soup. any soup. so long as it was soup.

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