kittyhat from fishfish!

10 03 2005

i’ve been trying to get my hands on this hat for over a year. it’s a blog thing, really, which i guess makes it a school thing because it’s a network thing, although i’m not sure the hat itself is in any way rhetorical.

last winter, heather at dooce posted this link to the hobby/career page of stephanie ku, an undergrad at berkeley who knits in her free time and sells her knitwear on the web. she calls the store “fishfish designs” (you already know this if you clicked the link before you kept reading), and sells the cutest handmade hats i’ve ever seen. the one that caught heather’s attention in the first place–and so the one i went wanting and had to have, was the fishfish kitty hat.

last winter (it might have been january), the fishfish store had a memo up that said “due to demand, please hold kitty and fox hat orders until february.” i blamed dooce for being popular and making kitty hats popular, but i patiently waited, and went back in february. “due to demand, please hold kitty and fox hat orders until march.” i played this game for a few months, got the same message every time, and forgot about it. when it got cold this winter, i went back, to the same message, interrupted by an “i have to study for finals!” message, and then the return of the “wait until march” note. march 1st i was THERE, and i beat the message!

i braved paypal for this hat. i sent away to california (where i’ll be next year and certainly won’t be needing it!) for this hat. i picked colors based on unreliable screen colors for this hat. and today, after a charmingly fantastical evening down at chuck’s with our best crowd ever, i walked home in the snow for this hat (which pdxstraycat said i had to model on the floor because it didn’t look as cool against the blue walls):

[2011 edit: that hat, i lost, so i sent away for another one, and lost it too. now the girl who makes them doesn’t make them anymore, and i can’t even find a picture of said hat online anywhere. alas. with much woe.]

and it was so worth it.

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5 responses

11 03 2005

yay! glad you got you new nifty hat since you gave me the mutant jester one. 🙂

11 03 2005

you are just the cutest.

11 03 2005

That is so cute! And the colors are great on you!

11 03 2005


11 03 2005

I totally just love you:)

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