jet plane, leaving on a

15 03 2005

Which PPG are you?

details are here at cinnaster; i’m too lazy for cross-posting this morning. oh, yeah, and i haven’t started packing yet. and i’m hungry. but i’ve got an itinerary and a couple half-formed plans, optimistic clothes–no bulky sweaters but the one i’m taking on the plane–in mind, a buttercup bouncy-ball j won me from a vending machine in my pocket, and it’s been nine years since i stepped off a plane in a foreign land looking for l_stboy‘s face in a crowd; it’s high time to do it again.




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15 03 2005

Wow! I didn’t know you were leaving today. Good for you — get somewhere warm and sunny fast! I would love to meet up sometime in CA. I assume you’ll be checking email from out there, so I’ll send you an email with some of my schedule (at least what I know of it) and my cell phone number. If you want to get together, I think that would be great. Have fun!

15 03 2005

Re: hi!
If you need to reach her wednesday or in the evenings, you can use my cell- 650 793 5198. She gets in at 6:30 tonight if she didn’t decide to get off in Chicago and stay for a while

17 03 2005

Re: hi!
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it!

15 03 2005

It’s funny because it’s been less than 9 weeks since I stepped off a plane looking for l_stboy’s face in the crowd;) only CA’s not a foreign land to me:)
have an excellent time, doll!!!
I’m Buttercup, too! Obviously!;)

15 03 2005

dont think youre going to get this before you go, but have a wonderful, magical time, love!
we’ll talk when you get back; no worries, just my normal frustrations with me not being perfect.
Love you, t. be daring (but stay safe!)

16 03 2005

Say hi to the menace for me. 🙂 One of these days *I’LL* be getting off a plane in CA looking for his face. Unless I just drive there of course. 🙂 But I really need to get up there…*sigh* This summer if not before. 🙂

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