guaaaaava (cathy would understand)

16 03 2005

me = on l_stboy‘s front patio in a tank top, sipping guava juice, surrounded by all sorts of unidentifiable fragrantly flowering shrubs, morning doves, sunlight, green things, and a belly full of frothy coffee & french toast with (this part was important) blood-orange zest.

i’m the happiest princessedest girl in the whole world. can’t gush now, though; they’re waiting for me to get showered so we can head out to wine country for the day.

my life is so beautiful.




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16 03 2005

Silly girl, they’re MOURNING doves! ’cause they cry!
they are pretty tho, and i quite envy you currently =P

25 03 2005

can’t they be both?

16 03 2005

You can’t come back until you see a hummingbird!

25 03 2005

fuck. i KNEW i was doing something wrong. that must have been why i kept missing those planes. but they didn’t come out in the rain…

16 03 2005

what a Beautiful picture.
im so glad youre getting the chance to be warm and happy and beautiful and princessed!!

16 03 2005


16 03 2005

I am so happy for you! I’m vicariously basking in the sun with you:)

23 03 2005

so san fran was good, then. 🙂 how was the conference? did you go to any sessions?

25 03 2005

sarah… i love you. it’s taken me until today to actually read this, & instead of seeing just idle curiosity about the conference itself take the barb. yes, actually, i went to AT LEAST… four? ::giggle::
‘course, i don’t remember who any of the presenters i didn’t already know were, because i jettisoned my fat program from my overstuffed luggage before i left san jose.
one girl had a lot of interesting things to say about how age influences our perceptions of others–especially influences students’ impressions of teachers & the roles they’re allowed to fill–which is all very gendered, of course, but not only, & we lose perspective when we do all this social-positioning research & work about race & gender & sexuality while ignoring age, because it influences our perceptions of all those other things as well.
i sat through a slightly interesting talk about blogging and networks that i know a lot about already, so i mostly read other things & kept an ear open for new ideas, i went to represent when my office mate presented–and her talk, & the talks of the people with her, were fantastic–and then… fuck. i can’t remember what the 4th one was. i swear there were 4.
i think it’s your fault i can’t remember. or at least that’s what i’m telling if anybody asks.

25 03 2005

lol! fine, i’ll take the blame. 🙂
you know, the age thing sounds cool. my mom has mentioned that to me before (she teaches in the public school system). it would make for an interesting project.
so, have you read any cool stuff on authorship and blogs?

25 03 2005

i’m taking a course in “network(ed) rhetorics” with collin brooke, & authorship is one of his areas–i’m supposed to be specializing in it to some degree myself one of these days–& so i’m sure some of the stuff he’s had us read can very specifically be described as being about both. my problem has always been that i’m too attuned to connectivity, though; once you get me started thinking about authorship, or about the applicability of blogging to other kinds of writing tasks, or, really, any particular field niche at all, or at least what OTHER people might see as a field niche, i have a ridiculously hard time seeing ANYTHING as NOT a part of it. everything influences everything, i can’t process any of it in relation to a web that complex, & i throw my hands up & say “maybe i’ll study something else.” 🙂
you were probably hoping for, like, titles when you asked that question.
i’ll see what i can dig up.

26 03 2005

lol!!! i love you!
i know what you mean about the connectivity issue. it’s hard to sit down and do really specific, contributory (is that a word?!) work, b/c it seems to require a whole lotta fencin off. and i suck at fencing… even non-metaphorically.
seriously, though, it probably feels like a burden right now (just going to impose my own crap on you, okay?) ;), but from what my profs tell me, it’s essential to a *long* career. if a project has implications in and/or is itself implicated in a vast number of relations to other stuff, than you can spend a whole career talking about style or voice or whatever the big, umbrella thing is that is somehow part of, or is itself, the web.
course, right now, i’m not sure if i want to spend a lifetime talking about voice. but…
(i went into this hoping i’d make you feel better about this. but i lost control of the wheel). sorry! 🙂

25 03 2005

i picked up the new tori… i LOVE ribbons undone (is that the title? now i can’t remember for sure). the one that starts with the image of venus.

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