don’t think of pirates

25 03 2005

right. & while i’m at it, i’ll give up breathing. & get a dog. ah, hell, this weekend i already have a dog!

this is what j & i had to replay part of the dvd for this afternoon, on his tv loud enough that i could hear it through the phone, the quote-fragment i spent all of yesterday trying to remember the context of, the one i e-mailed him sometime after midnight to say i’d got the scene for in my head.

barrie’s hook, & asking the boys (i didn’t grab enough of the words to get the part where michael interrupts his schpiel–first by yelling “i am!” to a “who among you-” “-i’m not finished!”–& then by giggling.

“are you giggling?! there’s no giggling on my ship!”) for their loyalty & for piratey appelations to go with it. (we were giggling on the phone, & decided that was definitely a mark of a good movie–that it was still startlingly funny even when you went back later looking to hear what you already knew was there) (you have to do these in crisp northern-english accents for it to really work)

“i’m curly, the oldest and wisest of the crew!” (that’s george)
“nibsy cutthroat, feared by men & greatly desired by the ladies!” (that’s jack–whose mother immediately shouts “jack!” in horror at his 10-year-old impropriety)
“i’m peter.” (peter, of course)
“that’s not a pirate name. how about dastardly jim?” (hook/barrie)
“no. peter. i like my name.”

“well, then. in punishment for Lack of an Interesting Pirate Name, peter shall walk the plank!”




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