the sights

29 03 2005

l_stboy is very cool b/c he’s faster than me, & posted lots of pics of my visit to california on his page. check it out. & i’m cool b/c they’re my pictures he posted! šŸ™‚

pdxstraycat & i need to put up our own. haven’t updated pages in forever. are lazy bums. but he’s got pix of sea lions & kites & cool stuff… sitting on my computer… not posted yet… it’s on my list, i swear.

& if y’all could see my list. >sigh<




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29 03 2005

hee, hee, just wanted to comment that when i went to san francisco, i took about twenty pictures of just sea lions–first time i had seen them outside of a zoo. it was a bit ridiculous. i look at the photos now and laugh my ass off. when i went to san diego last summer, i think i only took one picture of them in la jolla. i hope you guys have as many pictures of sea lions as i to give you years of enjoyment and merriment.

29 03 2005

hey Beautiful!
im sorry i didnt get a chance to call you today (been actually trying to catch up on work before convention)–if youre home tonight and want to chat, give me a call on my cell and i’ll call you back–i dont think theres much going on. or i can call you tomorrow–either way!
Love you!

30 03 2005

i am losing this evening to being teh slack. i must stop this at once and grade. and put away food. and do some dishes. and then start a paper. we’ll play phone tag tomorrow. love you!

30 03 2005

Do it in big type!

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