midnight study session

5 04 2005

after a good five hours of distracting ourselves from studying by debating whiteness studies, hidden racism, political affiliations, departmental agendas, revisionist history, assessment pedagogy, mesopotamian timelines, talk radio, educational radicals, the areodynamics of lift, & the possible applicability of foucault to any number of theoretical scenarios, i look up to hear spoonboy514 saying

“so, superman, and the crisis of the infinite earth…”
pdxstraycat interjected “wait, in which continuity?”
“…and then he turned into electricity. things got a little complicated.”

unfortunately, his internal monologue-censor hasn’t been entirely disabled by the hour–but we’re still working on it.

today’s lessons in the Alternate Realm of the Academy:
“b” is average, rubrics are evil, diagramming sentences leads to a life of subjugation (and probably crime), & egypt is representative of all of africa, & africa is where rhetoric (& everything else worth noting about the world, including cyclical thought & communion with nature) originated, & our african-american students (all the dark-skinned ones, no matter where they’re from) are more closely culturally tied to these things than the neighborhoods where they’re from, than the language they grew up speaking, than the suspicious faux-linearity of whitebread diction.

this is only funny to rhetoric geeks:
“why isn’t imitation part of invention?”
“it was. ask aristotle.”
“or ask the egyptians. they’re where everything comes from.”

spoonboy514 is a “sneeze tease.”

pdxstraycat is in the kitchen following our coffee, chinese food, & popcorn with more coffee.

the jazz cds have long since expired, the cat’s licking foreheads & complaining at being asked to desist, & with “fresh, hot coffee in a ninja mug,” “it doesn’t get any better than this.”




6 responses

5 04 2005

So. People are kinda stupid in this Alternate Realm of the Academy?

5 04 2005

we have a winner!

5 04 2005

you people and your pedagogy. i still havent ever used that in normal conversation. but then again, i guess i dont often have those.
i love the layout of spoonboy’s journal! 🙂

5 04 2005

yeah, i did that. i’m so cool i can’t stand myself. ‘course, neither can anybody else, but that’s for entirely different reasons. go ask him what the squash thing is about. especially since he doesn’t know he said that, b/c i still had his password last night. i mean, he said it, but…
you get it.

5 04 2005

dude! thats awesome that you did that! *cant stand her she’s so cool*
i bet he loves you for writing that in his journal ;}

6 04 2005

Do you mind if I add you to friends?

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