violence in a plastic yogurt cup

7 04 2005

jeph @ qc‘s editorial comment of last night:

At one of my high school’s talent shows, some kids in a band dedicated Rage Against the Machine’s “Bullet in the Head” to their teachers. I think the only thing lamer than a bunch of rich suburban white kids playing “Bullet in the Head” badly at a talent show is dedicating it to adults they don’t like.

i’m not sure exactly why this struck me as both so funny and so fitting to things i’ve seen & places i’ve been (both in the suburban white kid throng & as their teacher-person), but… there are people who read me & don’t yet read qc who might be able to explain, or to whom at the very least i’m sure it will strike… something. some chord, just precisely the right amount off-key.




2 responses

7 04 2005

I just find it hard to believe that kids could do that at a school function and not get expelled, sent to counseling, and charged with a crime.

7 04 2005

i think the title of this post captures it all.

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