nonverbal q&a

8 04 2005

google image meme:
1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. Your mother’s middle name.

3. Your favourite color.

4. The place you lost your virginity (someone’s house, their car, your bed, the woods, etc.) or would like to lose your virginity if you haven’t.

5. A bad habit of yours.

6. Your favourite fruit or vegetable.

7. Your favourite animal.

8. The last name of your kindergarten teacher. (i cheated a little–i only know her 1st name)

9. The name of a pet.

10. Your favourite band.

try this at home: google image search your text answers to the questions, & paste the images ( but w/o spaces around the arrow-brackets) in as answers. from missmeridian




One response

9 04 2005

Google Image searches are scary. I learned this when I went looking for photos of the Prisoner’s car (the Lotus Series Seven) by searching for its number plate, KAR120C. I got a half dozen photos of the car and nearly 300 images from a furry’s image collection.

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