11 04 2005

pdxstraycat & message_2love and i are sitting on our front porch with brandy glasses of white port (we already finished yesterday’s quarter-full wine-trail sample bottles of summery whites) in the late afternoon sun, basking & reading in the breeze, with jazz meandering up around our feet like a friendly cat from the boom box on the floor & rising up around us to mix with the snow-tinged canadian air like the crystal-clear inverse of incense. he’s got a harper’s article about pedandic grammatical nit-pickery, she’s language-nerding herself on fiction with lauriegirl86‘s copy of ella minnow pea, and i’m in the middle of summarizing a chapter on conceptual integration from fauconnier and turner’s the way we think for tomorrow morning’s class. we keep interrupting each other to share kernels or ask questions–like spoonboy514 and i in the arched chapel window earlier in the week, tipping our pages to catch the last of the sun, getting to the end of our chapters within seconds of one another and grinning conspiratorially over the spines.

if it were always like this–if it were even often like this–i would never, ever want to leave.

thought of the afternoon:

i keep getting distracted by my hair. it’s sparkly! that would make more sense if i were a stoner, but i’m not. i just have no memory to speak of. i don’t store things in my brain. that’s not what it’s for–it’s not for storage! thoughts go in, thoughts go out, that’s my head. i’m like a fish. everything’s new every time.




2 responses

11 04 2005

my brain works like that too! sort of, my recall ability is practically non-existant. oh well
have more fun soon!

13 04 2005

lovely!!! you know I miss it already!
oh look, a castle!…
cool, hey, there’s a castle…
wow! did you guys know there’s a CASTLE in here?! ….

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