like life, but mathier

17 04 2005

this weekend’s accomplishments:

transcribed the last of this semester’s class observations into MT school-blog (s)
updated teaching journal to include last week’s classes (s)
started (2 pages out of something between 10-20–but it’s started) IS paper (s)
read the last 5 chapters of damasio (cognitive neuroscience & the definitions of consciousness, baby!) (s)
started a professionally-oriented comp-blog thread & made a new contact in the process (p)
raked leaves (h)
weeded tulip-row (h)
mulched front, side, & back-of-house plants (h)
transplanted a small evergreen shrub we’ve meant to move for 2 years (h)
drafted CCCCs proposal (p)
finished unit 4 assignment sheet for 205 (t)
finished unit 4 calendar for 205 (t)
planted 2 kinds of tomato seeds in starter pots on the front porch (h)
planted broccoli seeds, too! (h)
played soccerfetch (all 1 word) with a hyper dog (r)
shared 3 meals with friends (r)
commented on several neglected blogs (r/p)
e-mailed a friend i’m in danger of losing touch with (r)
shared student work with a colleague (p)
wrote a new poem (r)
watched 1 silly movie (r/s)
spent at least 10 hours outside (r)

student points = 45
teacher points = 2
professional life points = 4
house points = 6
random-human-stuff points = 9

not a bad distribution for a 2-day period, which, if we’re counting 11:30pm-11:30pm over 48 hours, also includes finessing the automatic bubble-blower & showering soap at everybody attending elisa‘s friday night birthday party, dianna‘s fantastic strawberry shortcake extravaganza, a little mission-impossible behavior around the auditorium doors, & zipping around town & campus in spoonboy514‘s snazzy new car! i cleaned the mulch out from under my fingernails just for him, but i still know it was there, & count it as evidence anyway, for considering these days siezed!




3 responses

18 04 2005

I Demand A Recount!
I’m pretty sure that “silly movie” counts as appreciating the finer possibilities of intertextuality and narrative construction. The way it deconstructs and re-imagines fairy tales while at the same time commenting on traditional expectations about marriage more than makes up for the fact that it’s entertaining.
It’s definitely a “student point” event.
Also, there was that discussion about Foucault and what a cheese-eating surrender monkey he was.

18 04 2005

Re: I Demand A Recount!
touche! adjustment made. although for future reference, “strikethrough” isn’t very effective when what you’re striking through is the #4.

18 04 2005

Re: I Demand A Recount!
p.s. where’s that friend of yours? i’m telling her you said “cheese-eating surrender monkey.”

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