muses quiz

21 04 2005

You scored as Calliope.

You are Calliope, the muse of epic poetry. You like writing, gold, and reading super long books. You are usually quite intuitive and reserved.

ha, ha, they said “reserved”!

ok, yeah, sometimes. just never in the right ways. in the ways that makes me afraid to ask important question & learn things i’d really like to know. NEVER the ways that keep me from putting my big fat foot in my big fat mouth & hurtin’ folks by accident.

i have to reinterpret “gold,” too. no, the grad-student hyper-textual-analysis function is never disabled, so don’t bother trying. they got that from my saying “mostly true” to the “all that glitters” question, which i think they’re reading backwards anyway, but even if they weren’t:

the point isn’t “gold is good” (especially where gold = $), the point is that goldness represents goodness, spark, positivity (i say “golden” when ideas rock; smart-asses around me answer “chartreuse?”), & that everything that glitters–whether it’s “the real thing” or not, whatever “thing” might be having its authenticity cast into doubt at any particular moment–is part of the goldness, the goodness, the spark. all sparks, even the littlest ones, help start & keep-burning those fires, those lights we all need to cup our hands around to let them grow & then keep on fanning ’til they burn the bad shit DOWN.




3 responses

21 04 2005

I am also dismayed at the number (amount?) of tactless things I say, especially considering how little I say at all. I think that tactlessness is a disproportionately large portion of my speech. :/

21 04 2005

hehe that was my latin name last year – muse of art and poetry!

21 04 2005

you should switch your foot-in-mouthness with your shyness. there, i fixed your prolem – just do what I said;)
yeah, i totally had to ponder the “golden” question, too! i mean, i know the saying (what’s a better word for “saying” here?) and what it’s supposed to mean, but i had to tear it apart b/c I am inclined to see everything that glitters as gold in the same way I see a glass as half full. i was pissed that it didn’t mean that. so i found myself wondering if i was reading it “right” and then i’m all off on a mental tangent about who the hell gets to say if i’m reading it right or not, and i should click “i totally agree” just because I want to read it the way I want to read it, dammit! i was like trying to rebel at an entirely useless point of exercising mind power over commonplaces. … er, something. so, anyways, i hear yeah, sistah! we are hypertextual to the extreme!

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