20 10 2006

might be too close to vermont. never shot a man in memphis. definitely have a computer… so close but yet so far…

got this one down, though: “You cannot have the blues in any place that don’t get rain.”

& watch what you name your daughters, y’all: “Singers with names like Muffy, Sierra, Auburn, Alexis, Gwenyth, Sequoiz, Brittany or Rainbow are not permitted to sing the Blues, no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.”

how to sing the blues

(b/c this is what happens when i’m a whiner on a gloomy, gloomy day, & l_stboy ♥s me anyway)

tyratae: “ivy league institutions” are right out.
good thing syracuse is just a wanna-be.­
l_stboy: and it has the advantage of rhyming with ‘blues’­
tyratae :the way people say it around here, you’re right, it sometimes does. how bizarre.
i think i have an IRA too. with less than $100 in it, & from 10 years ago, but i’m still disqualified.
l_stboy: you could probably work the IRA into it somehow
the man said I could retire
in about a thousand years
but I ain’t gonna live that long
the sky is pouring tears
I got the blues
i got the blues­
tyratae: lol
you are AWESOME.­
l_stboy: the grey down lake effect yuppie town syracuse blues
nah, yuppie isn’t right­
tyratae: it’s not yuppie. the TOWN is a burnt-out shell cuz the industry all done left.­
l_stboy: sing it, sister!




4 responses

20 10 2006

i would protest that you could still have cause for the blues if the man in memphis who lived was a good-for-nothing drunk who done took all your money and run off with your best friend.

22 10 2006

yeah, i’m solidly behind justifying that loophole. sounds like you, sistah, get how it goes. too bad i’m pretty sure just being in your charming little part of the world wholly disqualifies you! 🙂

22 10 2006

we’re not all that far from chicago around here. the midwest and the south seem to be two of the best areas for singing the blues!
and we drink a LOT of whiskey.
and in minnesota it get’s cold just like your lover’s heart.
i’m not saying _I_ have any reason to sing the blues. but the twin cities are a great place for it.

20 10 2006

he’s earned the right to sing the blues:

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