the purist is pissed again

3 12 2006

this makes me angry. and disappointed. and disillusioned. pun intended. for fuck’s sake, the book is very short, and very to-the-point, and what in the world can be accomplished by setting it to film other than some mangled combination of sensationalism, sentimentalizing, & obfuscation? even if i overlook the part about sell-outs & how this is not the first time i’ve felt betrayed by the self-styled messiah’s utter disregard for his own creations & the inspirations behind them, my sense of literary propriety is offended; can’t anybody ever leave well enough alone?

on a more positive note, according to wikipedia, all rumored efforts to put together a (hide your face in horror) live action version of The Last Unicorn have go-boomed, & with any luck they’ll stay that way.

honestly, i should thank tsano and fenrigar for bringing these elements variously to my attention (& the latter’s indulging me even now w/patient spiritual philosophy & storytelling about Famous False Prophets) & helping distract me from what’s really troubling me tonight: that apollo & starbuck shit (ok, i’m 2 days behind, on j’s tivo schedule)… holy hand grenades, batman. i’m not just like “i didn’t see that coming” troubled, although i didn’t, at least not in that much vivid emotive intensity (obviously there was something…), but i’m kinda hurt & kinda haunted by both scenes, the present and the flashback, and all the action-reactions, and the characters caught in the undertow…

& don’t say a word about how there’s real life & then there are dorks who get all emotionally fscked up by sci-fi. story’s always been how we tell (& learn & see) the truth. & how i want to change theirs likely not-so-secretly means, at least in a way or three, i want to change my own.

somebody told me once that
nothing happens later
so what do you do when you realize
you’re gonna have regrets?

do you stop in your tracks
and go a different direction?
you’re going to end up in the same place anyway,
same destination




6 responses

4 12 2006

You have way too much time to think love:)

4 12 2006

this is true.

4 12 2006

Hollywood has figured out that the generation with the disposable income is nostalgic for their earlier days:
Bridge to Terebithia
Miss [beatrix] Potter
Nancy Drew
The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper)
The Golden Compass

4 12 2006

::seriously considers shooting the messenger::
A. that is NOT how any reasonable being would upsell nostalgia. you don’t make unfaithful & crappy rip-offs of things that were once cool & insult your audience in the process, you release digital editions of the moving media, all new & shiny & w/commentary & with old commercials on the bonus tracks, & put out expensive re-prints of the books with gold-plated covers & maybe a CD 80s celebrities reading them aloud: “superfudge” read by michael j. fox or something.
& B. what, did somebody open up the creativity drain & it all fell out, so now we can only recycle perfectly good old stories b/c we can’t remember how to make more?!? grrrr, i say. GRRRR!

4 12 2006

“superfudge” read by michael j. fox or something
For all the wrong reasons, that would be hysterical.

4 12 2006

A live action version of The Last Unicorn is most certainly the worst idea of all time. And I know nothing about the other film you mention, but I’m deeply offended on your behalf.

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